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Kagono Seiichi (Karasu CV+VCV) Voicebanks/Redesign

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CV (download in video description): [link]
VCV (download in video description): [link]

Seiichi's got a new look to go with his new voices :D These two new voices are called "Karasu" (烏) which means either crow or raven, and they're essentially his ACT2.

I decided to redesign him so he wouldn't follow the "Miku formula." So the headphones, detached sleeves, arm tattoo, and legwarmers are gone. The biggest change though is that I got rid of the belt connecting him to Kiyoko. Now, they're connected by that ankle shackle. And I moved his shoulder armor to the other side because people used to think that the wing was attached to it. I also just changed some things so he'd look generally cooler.

He's got a new name too! From now on, his and Kiyoko's surname is "Kagono" (籠の) instead of "Kagone".

For the chain I used this brush: [link]
For the hexagon pattern on his shoulder armor, I used this: [link]
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Cool! :D Nice job!