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Very Flat Weather - RainMeter



Tweaked version of Flat Weather by

Wanted something simpler for my minimalistic theme, and came up with this. Inspiration was Just Weather 1.1 from here…
You can still get Just Weather online by googling for it, but I did not like the shadows, I wanted flatness :)


Version 1.0: Initial Release
Version 1.1: Cleaned the code up
Version 1.2: Fixed font transparency
Version 1.3: Made Celsius clearer
Version 1.4: Fixed API, Packaged in rmskin, slight layout tweaks (Thanks to nascnt for all of this!)

As with previous versions, Manage Rainmeter, select VeryFlatWeather>weather.ini and click Edit. updates instructions are inside.

If you like or use this, as a thanks please visit
its a personally started company and would be appreciated!
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