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Rick While Writing Magnus Chase Probably by SacredlyMythic Rick While Writing Magnus Chase Probably :iconsacredlymythic:SacredlyMythic 2 14
Norse -
Idun: Keeper of those sexy magical golden apples. Kind of a brat because she always gets left out of the action.
Gullveig: The gilded witch. Selfish, greedy, lusty, and has her eye on a certain Fire god (Loki watch yo ass). Has an extremely irritating cult.
Baldur: The formerly alive god of good things and gumdrops. Turns out death made him into the person everyone thought he was (AKA a GOOD person). Currently Hel's best friend.
Garm: Hel's doggo. The second goodest boy.
Kaldr: Skadi's former pet wolf and Fenrir's girlfriend.
Thjol: Thor and Sif's infant son. Nobody can quite figure out how Thor made a baby this cute. His name means "Gathering Storm" in old Jotun.
Farbauti: A fire jotun, Loki's father. A very kind hearted and brave man, if not the brightest torch in the cave.
Laufey: A fire jotuness, Loki's mother. Smart and sharp tongued, just like her baby boy.
Sinmara: Surtr's wife. Lively and has a very VERY short fuse.
Azure: Surtr's daughter. Calm and difficult to anger,
:iconsacredlymythic:SacredlyMythic 1 6
I WAS RUSHING I'M SORRY by SacredlyMythic I WAS RUSHING I'M SORRY :iconsacredlymythic:SacredlyMythic 2 0 WATCH ME WIP WATCH ME NEIGH NEIGH by SacredlyMythic WATCH ME WIP WATCH ME NEIGH NEIGH :iconsacredlymythic:SacredlyMythic 3 17 Thor Does Not Want by SacredlyMythic Thor Does Not Want :iconsacredlymythic:SacredlyMythic 2 16 CONTEXT IS FOR LOSERS by SacredlyMythic CONTEXT IS FOR LOSERS :iconsacredlymythic:SacredlyMythic 1 10
Loki - The Protag. He needs a hug
Odin - The AllFather. Cunning and well meaning, knows more then he lets on (Hey that sounds familiar *Points up*)
Frigg - Odin's wife. Not the worst in Asgard, but still a bitch
Thor -  Odin's bastard son. Powerful and good natured, but dense and dumb as a brick
Freyja - Goddess of beauty, lust, war, and death. Loki's ex lover. Like, the one decent female in Asgard (Well not exactly buuuuuut)
Frey -  Twin of Freyja. Annoying overprotective "oni-chan" trope. Annoys the pants off of everyone
Heimdall - The Watchman. He's white. Hates his lonely, boring job
Tyr - God of war. Much smarter then Thor, and much quieter as well
Sif - Harvest goddess and wife of Thor. Gossipy bitch. Had sex with Loki once, enjoyed it but won't admit it.
Skadi: Nobody likes her
Eir: Loki's one friend
Ullr: Thor's step-babu.
Njord: Father of Frey and Freyja. Ex-husband of Skadi, and glad he got that divorce
Sleipnir - The horse. Has eight legs, loves his motherfa
:iconsacredlymythic:SacredlyMythic 6 58
Loki's Bio (FINALLY)
Quote: "Fuck this, fuck you, and fuck my life."
Name: Loki
Nickname: Sparky, Low-Key Loki, Master ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
God of: Fire, trickery
Age: He doesn't remember.
Birthdate: April 1st, year unknown
Height: 6.7"
Weight: "One does not just ask a gentleman like me my weight."
Build: Pretty damn buff but still sleek.
Species: Jotun
Breed: Fire
Mother: Laufy
Father: Farbauti
Gender/Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Skin Color: Really really pale Caucasian
Hair Color: Red, gradients to blond at the ends.
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Powers: Shape-shifting (Biological ability) Pyrokinesis (Biological ability) Shitload of magical abilities (He has this really amazeballs spellbook...) being the sexiest man in the room.
:iconsacredlymythic:SacredlyMythic 5 80
The Sun Will Have Set and it Will be Mericless... by SacredlyMythic The Sun Will Have Set and it Will be Mericless... :iconsacredlymythic:SacredlyMythic 4 6 The New AllFather (READ THE DESC) by SacredlyMythic The New AllFather (READ THE DESC) :iconsacredlymythic:SacredlyMythic 4 43 Adventures of The Bean Squad: Thor Ragnarok by SacredlyMythic Adventures of The Bean Squad: Thor Ragnarok :iconsacredlymythic:SacredlyMythic 5 0 Adventures Of The Bean Squad: Loki's New Pet by SacredlyMythic Adventures Of The Bean Squad: Loki's New Pet :iconsacredlymythic:SacredlyMythic 3 7 Adventures Of The Bean Squad by SacredlyMythic Adventures Of The Bean Squad :iconsacredlymythic:SacredlyMythic 6 3 WIP by SacredlyMythic WIP :iconsacredlymythic:SacredlyMythic 3 8 Kyubey Box by SacredlyMythic Kyubey Box :iconsacredlymythic:SacredlyMythic 6 16 As The Wind Howls by SacredlyMythic As The Wind Howls :iconsacredlymythic:SacredlyMythic 3 30


F2U Sparkle by piirmy Jormungandr | ??? | Midgard F2U Sparkle by piirmy

The seas are wild.
Swallowing all that dare cross it.
The Serpent is angry.
He shakes the seas.
He riles the oceans.
The sea belogns to him.

The queen of the dead
Sits on her throne.
Watching the dead come
By the millions.
She cares not.
She's seen this a thousand times before.
One dead man.
Looks like another.


Lady and the Dragon Year 2 by BrittMartin Lady and the Dragon Year 2 :iconbrittmartin:BrittMartin 50 4 Nautilus by Morloth88 Nautilus :iconmorloth88:Morloth88 71 4 When they come ... by Rov65 When they come ... :iconrov65:Rov65 65 7 I will not burn by dejan-delic I will not burn :icondejan-delic:dejan-delic 55 2 Alyshia of the War Forged by Svantanon Alyshia of the War Forged :iconsvantanon:Svantanon 45 32 Loyal Friend by WubcakeVA Loyal Friend :iconwubcakeva:WubcakeVA 89 17 Pumpkin Gown (Back View) by Firefly-Path Pumpkin Gown (Back View) :iconfirefly-path:Firefly-Path 159 2 Quill - miraculous ladybug OC by Dormin-Kanna Quill - miraculous ladybug OC :icondormin-kanna:Dormin-Kanna 61 7 Little cutie by AlviaAlcedo Little cutie :iconalviaalcedo:AlviaAlcedo 535 21 (2/4) [CM] BlueSketchingWalrus by tokiria (2/4) [CM] BlueSketchingWalrus :icontokiria:tokiria 92 1 See you next year! by NurturingNaturesGift See you next year! :iconnurturingnaturesgift:NurturingNaturesGift 39 17 World of Warcraft - Character Commission - RoRippa by RogierB World of Warcraft - Character Commission - RoRippa :iconrogierb:RogierB 55 0 Sudensammal by Hakaishi Sudensammal :iconhakaishi:Hakaishi 248 4 [P-N] Act2 - Explorando Khala by Berurun [P-N] Act2 - Explorando Khala :iconberurun:Berurun 146 6 Alpha-Omega - Wand Details by PraeclarusWands Alpha-Omega - Wand Details :iconpraeclaruswands:PraeclarusWands 57 2 My Child by holuna My Child :iconholuna:holuna 13 6

Name | Age | Something
The cold wind howls.
The ravens cry to it.
And all the worlds hear.

link link link

Tidal Wave by diasilli cloudy night by opalnet

Fenrir | ??? | ??? The cold wind howls through the trees.
It sounds like wolves. In the dark, the wind in the skeletal trees. The wolves are screaming.

Commissions - plum by Sukiie Nonexistant

All the shining stars, gleaming in your eyes.

Sunset Stamp by Supernatantem palm trees / sunset aesthetic stamp by goredoq [STAMPS] Sunset on the Horizon by creationcomplex


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Space | Divider #4 by Snow-Arrows

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Galaxy divider .:F2U:. by A-M-A-L-G-A-M-A-T-E

The lycoris sways in the breeze.
The blooming sad memory.
Screams silently to the worlds.

Galaxy divider .:F2U:. by A-M-A-L-G-A-M-A-T-E

The orange lily.
Blooming flower of hate.
Stirs in the breeze.

Galaxy divider .:F2U:. by A-M-A-L-G-A-M-A-T-E

Flower of rage.
But it blooms so sweetly.

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Jormungandr wants someone to boop his snoot.
Just to clear some things up -

Single piece of cloth with no hood - Cape

Has a hood - Cloak

Has long sleeves and is long but doesn't reach the ground (Hood is optional) - Coat

Has long sleeves and touches/drags on the ground (Hood is optional) - Robe
ShmityTheShmoo  is the only one who wished me happy Birthday.

Get on their level scrubs.
If I ever re-write Magnus Chase Hammer of Thor and Ship of the Dead, this shall
be the theme song -

*Loki sprints into the room*

Loki: Angie, guess what!

Angrboda: What?

Loki: I thought up a new name for lube!

Angrboda: *Rolls her eyes* What is it?

Loki: High fructos porn syrup.




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Freya (Yes that's my real name)
Artist | Student | Literature
United States

F2U Sparkle by piirmy Freya | Norse Pagan | Lokean F2U Sparkle by piirmy

Watch the pair of ravens.
Soaring in the grey clouds.
Spying on the worlds.
What do you think they see?
What will they tell Odin?
How much time is left,
Till everything ends?

stars - free to use by ScourgeMangaStudios Friends - Wilderness Typeface (black) by HinaTheBlue stars - free to use by ScourgeMangaStudios

|FREEICON| Starry Night and Shooting Star by Ennyri :iconiglybo::iconshmitytheshmoo::iconpsychokittypants::iconaqua-the-smiter: |FREEICON| Starry Night and Shooting Star by Ennyri

Listen to the wolf.
Howling in the night.
Screeching his rage to the worlds.
The wolf will have his day.
As will I.

[F2U] Moon by Ghost-Echo Night by loupdenuit Second Star by Agent505:thumb677222727: [F2U] Moon by Ghost-Echo


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