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[PMD: BtS] World's Most Questionable Babysitters

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A collab with Betheii-Stars , who did the sketch/line while I took care of the color/shade!


◆ Carnivorous Crypt // unbelievably hard (55+)


◆ Morgana // lvl. 100
◆ Rose // lvl. 92
◆ Merlin // lvl. 94
◆ Calyrex // NPC

[ RANK(S) // ITEMS ]
◆ Salty Sails
 // rank: master 
 Heart // rank: master
 ScarlettLillies // rank: master

◆ Salty Sails // items used: tiny reviver seed, lost loot, golden mask
◆ ScarlettLillies // items used: lost loot

Morgana Crowley © SacredLugia
Rose + Merlin Lockheart © Betheii-Stars 
Characters for PMD-Beyond-the-Sea
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© 2021 SacredLugia
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All Teams have completed the dungeon! The Tiny Reviver Seed was not used!

Morgana was happy to help!

Rose has grown to level 96!

Merlin has grown to level 98!

For completing this piece you have been awarded with 1250p!

Thanks to their Lost Loots, both Team Salty Sails and ScarlettLillies have found an extra 1000p!

All changes will be logged in the group’s inventories! Please make any appropriate changes to your apps if you wish!

@SacredLugia Thanks to your Golden Mask, it seems a Vullaby in the dungeon has developed a kinship with you! Would you like them to join your team?

Your Lost Loot and Golden Mask have one use left this month!

@Betheii-Stars (Heart and ScarlettLillies) Unfortunately, it seems the Pokemon in the dungeon didn't take a liking to you. Perhaps another run through the dungeon will help them warm up to you?

ScarlettLillies' Lost Loot has two uses left this month!