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[PMD: BtS] Peter Nicolaus


Last Updated // August 19, 2021

Team Salty Sails: Roster

Team Leaders //
↳ #840 Applin#116 Horsea  Alfred & Misty

Team Recruits //
↳ #172 Pichu Jocelyn
↳ #831 Wooloo Alice
↳ #659 Bunnelby Peter
↳ 682 Spritzee Minnie
↳ #251 Celebi Morgana
↳ #216 Teddiursa Teddy
↳ #744 Rockruff (shiny) Elias
↳ #349 Feebas Nic
↳ #173 Cleffa Oliver
↳ #029 Nidoran f. Gretel
↳ #152 Chikorita Paige

Peter Nicolaus © SacredLugia
Character for PMD-Beyond-the-Sea
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© 2020 - 2021 SacredLugia
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//slaps table and chants
bun!! army!!
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weeps at this precious bunbun ;-; i want one of these chocolate bunbuns so bad hhhhh
SacredLugia's avatar
omg i send you all of my support ToT <33
u must help us grow the chocolate bun army 
Coffiwi's avatar
thank uuu ; o; we will get a nest of buns,, hopefully,,
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Okay, he's super cute!! I'm not even in the group and I reallyyyyy want to draw him!!!
Peter is such a clever name for him bc- Peter Rabbit- hahaha!!
Just everything is soooo good!! Love it!!! Cat Love 
SacredLugia's avatar
AHH thank you so much casey that is literally the highest compliment im CRY-- <33 Cat Meow Thurston Waffles
Yessss that's exactly where his name comes from omg; i'm so glad you caught that hehe
;u; He loves you right back aAAW <33 
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;w; <333
He's a precious bby and we must protect him at all costs
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Thank you so much!! >u<
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(I don't go here but-- Oh my gosh!! What a sweetheart! Peter is absolutely adorable and his artwork looks amazing!! He is baby.. A genuine little candy gentle lad and I wish him all the best on his adventures! The chocolate candy motif is really clever throughout both of his designs, and you did a great job showing his excited and sweet nature!! I love the choice of name too- It really suits him and reminds me of peter rabbit- so adorable!
SacredLugia's avatar
AW APPLE thank you so much-!! He is just doing his best and he thanks you for your love and support!
skjhdfs that means so much omg... <33
and omg I'm so glad you caught that; i did it on purpose! 
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