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[PMD: BtS] Morgana Crowley


Last Updated // August 19, 2021

Team Salty Sails: Roster

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↳ #831 Wooloo Alice
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↳ #251 Celebi Morgana
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↳ #349 Feebas Nic
↳ #173 Cleffa Oliver
↳ #029 Nidoran f. Gretel
↳ #152 Chikorita Paige

Morgana Crowley © SacredLugia
Character for PMD-Beyond-the-Sea
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Ok Sacred I'm here to say all your work on these new characters paid off so much!! Omg what a neat design!! Her outfit is so detailed, and I love all the intricacies in the horns! She gives off such fey and fairy vibes and I am so here for it!!

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AW thank you so much Apple!! ;u; <33 i'm so glad; your compliment means SO MUCH, aaa!!! <33 hearing she conveys exactly what i was aiming for is amazing, omg!

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Your characters are always fantastic! And this one is no different, she's precious

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Omg thank you so much mint!! <33

Fox emoji - blush

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My love

She's so pretty

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.:Tiny bunny love:. aww thank you so much!! ;u;

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