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[PMD: BtS] A Frosty Venture

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For once...not a collab! Huge thank you to Teddybears-hearts, Skelephobe, and teasidesketches for letting me borrow your kids for cameos! <33


◆ Sorbet Forest // easy (1-15)


◆ Paige // lvl. 20
◆ Eira // lvl. 57
◆ Haven // lvl. 13
◆ Jasmine // lvl. 100

[ RANK(S) // ITEMS ]
◆ Salty Sails
 // rank: master 
 Starlit // rank: normal
 Lamplight // rank: rookie
 Camellia Blossom // rank: diamond

◆ Salty Sails // items used: tiny reviver seed, lost loot, golden mask, wonder chest

Paige Turner © SacredLugia
Eira © Teddybears-hearts
Haven © Skelephobe
Jasmine Reede © teasidesketches
Characters for PMD-Beyond-the-Sea
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All Teams have completed the dungeon! The Tiny Reviver Seed was NOT USED!

Paige has grown to level 22!

Eira has grown to level 58! ( @Teddybears-hearts )

Haven has grown to level 14! ( @Skelephobe )

For completing this piece you have been awarded with 1375p! Thanks to your Lost Loot, you have discovered an additional 1000p!

You have also picked up 100p!

All changes will be logged in the group’s inventories! Please make any appropriate changes to your apps if you wish!

Thanks to your Golden Mask, During your adventure, it seems a Smeargle in the dungeon has developed a kinship with you! Would you like them to join your team?

Your Golden Mask and Lost Loot have 0 remaining uses this month!

Your Wonder Chest has 1 remaining use this month!