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[C-C] Hanna Miller



last updated : april 26, 2021

Hanna Miller © SacredLugia
Character for Chai-Chateau

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Ahhhh she is adorable <3333 Love her color palette and the nintendo switch in her hand omlll <3333

SacredLugia's avatar

Omg thank you so much; that means a lot!! ;u; <33

Dame-Boo's avatar


Baby girl

I love her

SacredLugia's avatar

BOO she loves you TOO!! <33

thank you omg this comment sparks joy

LunaliaArts's avatar

Fellow YouTube streamer..... also I love her aesthetic? ITS SUPER CUTE her milk carton bag is just A++

her fusion itself is super cool, I love the idea of a togekiss and charmeleon, just a flying Dino it's super cool aND SHE SEEMS SO SWEET!!!

<s>I would love to headcanon her and Nova when I get her in</S>

SacredLugia's avatar

Omg THANK YOU LUNA!! <33 I was looking through "kawaii fashion" (idk the right term, but that keyword got me to the general aesthetic i wanted on pinterest, so i'll take it xD) and stumbled across it, and immediately added it to her design LMAO

AW that means a lot!! ;u; I had the fusion concept in mind for v1 of the group, but it never got off the ground before the group went into deep hiatus... second time's the charm! >:'3c

yessss please i would DIE FOR THAT--

Ditto Pokemon Dance

raegelkoi's avatar

she's so soff...........

SacredLugia's avatar
Hizakuru's avatar



I adore her soft aesthetic. I cry over there milk purse and wooloo shirt HER STYLE IS JUST SO GOOD

//now ya got goth addie and soft pastel hanna ha

I adore the fusion between the pokemon!! Such a adorable design but also cool. Flying dinosaur,,,

I adore reading her history and personality. It's cool seeing how she started using her gaming platform was a hobby and progressed over time for her. I just feel for her.

I want her merch,, pls gimme

She can be friends with Vinny, shy baby friends,,

SacredLugia's avatar


HAH yeah--i definitely want to tap into Addie's darker goth aesthetics while keeping Hanna way softer to be a foil, xD

AND THANK YOU! i had this fusion concept in mind for v1 of the group, but couldn't settle on a gijinka design/character type that I was fully happy with--Hanna swooped in to save the day!

Yesss i still need to come up with a clever channel name so I can actually show off the merch... she gently gives you some <33

PLS all my dreams will come true ;a;

Hizakuru's avatar

Hanna to the rescue!! Now she is here with such an amazing fusion and I adore her so!


I don't know why but my brain thought 'pastel' or 'soft' would be somewhere in her channel name sgsjksls

I take them all pls and thank you


SacredLugia's avatar

Okay you're totally right--it would definitely have a cutsey name/tone!! probably something related to a cute animal/pokemon, and a soft adjective



Emi-Xstitch's avatar

Such a precious child <3

SacredLugia's avatar

Omg thank you so much mint!! ToT <33

Emi-Xstitch's avatar

I hope she'll manage in the Chateau, away from any social media and the Internet (and given ChaiTube can't be a thing... *sigh*)

Maybe she could record herself playing still and places the ... huh.. video tapes/memory cards in the library for people to watch her playing ^^

SacredLugia's avatar

Ooooh, that could be an idea!! I definitely want to explore how being away from media affects her--it'll be interesting, for sure!

Emi-Xstitch's avatar

Internet withdrawal is a thing, unfortunately :( She has all my support in her ordeal!

Hopefully she'll quickly make friends who will help her through it!! (I can offer one -1- Donny )

SacredLugia's avatar

//picks up donny and runs

: D


Emi-Xstitch's avatar

*wave them good bye* Have fun together! Be careful with him though, he's baby.


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