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My Little Pony Redux: Katrina

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My first MLP fan art and it isn't even of ponies. Good on me. >_<

For anyone not familiar with the original G1 My Little Pony cartoon, this is Katrina, the Big Bad from the TV special Escape from Katrina. After getting into FiM, plus watching my old MLP videos got me thinking about how some of the old characters from the G1 cartoon would look in FiM style. So, I've got this one and this one: [link] with the design slightly altered (she needed a tail, in my humble opinion). I wanted to do Scorpan from Escape from Midnight Castle, but some body beat me to it:

Katrina (c) Hasbro
Friendship is Magic (c) Lauren Faust, Hasbro
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I remember her, I thought she's really mean and yet kinda sexy in a way.

Wish they also add her in Friendship Is Magic.

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Fantastic work one her suppose she the first my little pony villain to reform
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Hi SacredCandybarI'm going to be doing a video review on the Escape from Catrina Special and I was wondering I could use this picture in there? I'll give you the credit for making this picture
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Aww... Look at Katrina. She looks all pretty and seems more friendly than her original counterpart.
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Clap She looks great!
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What if Katrina was in the Equestria Girls world?
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i love it and you are the best A+:D (Big Grin) 
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Awww, thank you!  
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your welcome and you best :) (Smile) :D (Big Grin) 
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wow your Katrina is so well done!
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i hope she's the next villain of gen 4.
I'll bet they could re-vamp Catrina taking full advantage of the fact that she's a CAT, like remake her to have the Strength of a Tiger, the Speed of a Cheetah, the Agility of a Leopard, a Lion like Roar as loud & powerful as Thunder, Claws strong enough to slice a tree trunk like a hot knife through lukewarm butter, have her able to Walk like a bi-ped or Run around on all 4s like a Wild Jungle Cat, make her a master of Tiger-style Kung-Fu, have her constantly change & wear different outfits, have her personality more inspired by the *Patti LaBelle* song "I love it when I'm naughty", even change her occupation to make her "The World's Greatest Cat Burglar", who steals a magic charm from a super secure Museum, & she wears the charm around her neck & it would grant her the power to control the minds of Cats and all creatures that are at least part feline, such as Manticores, Griffons, Chimeras, etc. and she would use this power to accumulate an army of cats & work towards making it so that the Felines would rule over Equestria instead of the Equines, while Rep would be re-vamped to be her loyal butler/get-away driver, who doesn't always like what she does but is under some sort of unbreakable butler oath to always remain loyal to her no matter what, yet he would still like to tease her with a laser pen, you know because she would have all of the strengths & weaknesses of a human-sized cat, And I'm sure that at least some people out there would believe that |^|THIS|^| would be a good enough change worthy of an MLP villainess of her caliber!
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Yeah, I like all of that. :D
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It would be really cool to see some more of the old G1 characters/villans in the Friendship is Magic series. 
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Am I the only one that can think that Katrina and his husband Rep look like they have the ability, when have taken that drug syrup (I don't know what it's called, but still), while it makes you feel calm and relax, it turns them into angry unstoppable monsters, but they only become that when they start to get enraged too much, and I'm really not kidding here, they will turn into monsters that look like Tokka and Razar from "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle II: the Secret of the Ooze" I mean just look at these images and tell me these look like monster versions of Katrina and Rep:………

(sure they may look a little freakish but, they can make them more fantasy-based than freakish based)
if they reboot her do you think they should make her have a tragic and sad back story that causes her to become evil and make her awesome and give her great development and the mane 6 battle her and one of the mane 6 has an epic battle with her and after that one pony defeats Katrina she shows Katrina the error of her ways and then Katrina finally repents her actions and reforms and thanks that pony and her friends for stopping her from doing her misdeads and she gives herself up to the mane 6.
which pony of the mane 6 should have an epic battle then show her the error of her ways should it be Twily, Dashie, A.J., Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie or Rarity? please tell me your thoughts about my comment please.
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She -did- have a tragic backstory. Glossed over. In a musical number cut from the online showing of the cartoon, her chameleon servant reminisces over how they used to be a sweet romantic couple, and how she was the apple of his eye. They went everywhere together and had good, innocent fun, Roaring Twenties style. However, once she discovered that she could gain power from the berries, she became addicted to them and the power they presented, and thereby she lost herself, her love, and her sanity. However, through his final intervention, she was able to make the ultimate choice of quitting the "potion" berries and gaining back everything she'd lost plus new friends to support her. So both tragedy and redemption with overtones of overcoming drug addiction in a show for little girls!
wow I didn't know that she had a tragic backstory that involved drug related addiction well thanks for telling me
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No prob. Stuff hidden between the lines sometimes. I love when kids' shows aren't afraid to risk lacing in some deeper motivation for the parent/adult viewers.
I love adult moments too
that is great to have adult moments in shows
You know an interesting way they could reboot this character is to make her an anthropomorphic cat who wears a magic jewel that grants her the power to control the minds of cats, she could use this power to take control of all cats in Equestria including House Cats, Wild Cats, Mythical Cats, and anything that has any feline within them such as Manticores, Griffins, Chimeras, & more, even Rarity's cat Opal, with the jewel's power Katrina could even see everything through the eyes of every feline she takes control over, kind of like TMNT's the Rat King, Katrina would then use her newly formed army to concur all of Equestria & show the ponies her belief in feline superiority, and the Mane 6 would have to get through her army of mind controlled cats & try to stop her, and it would be something else if Rarity tried to reach out to Opal trying to convince her to resist Katrina's power.

Yeah maybe not the best way to reboot her, but still a fairly interesting one no doubt.
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