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Giving Thanks (Peeta Mellark X Reader)
Author's Note: I wrote this story with the idea that it took place in between The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, when Peeta was upset with Katniss, but it could also take place sometime before the 74th Hunger Games, I dunno for sure. Also, I have no idea if they would still celebrate Thanksgiving, but oh well. They do in this.
You heard a knock on the door of your small cottage, and bustled over to open it. When you did, you were met with the smiling face of Peeta Mellark, the baker’s son, and he was holding a pumpkin pie.
“Your order, Miss __l/n__.” Peeta said, gesturing at the pie.
“Thank you, Peeta. Can you put it on the table for me?” You asked while you left the doorway and grabbed a handful of bills from a coffee can. “And how many times do I have to tell you, it’s __y/n__!” You said exasperatedly as you paid him the amount he was due.
“Are you spending Thanksgiving alone, __y/n__?” Peeta asked with extra emphasize on y
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Farewell (Newt Scamander X Reader)
note: ok so i absolutely LOVED fantastic beasts !! i seriously recommend seeing this movie, it was amazing !!
also, this contains spoilers for the movie, so if you haven't seen it yet, you probably don't want to read this !!
"So, I guess this is it, then..."
Standing in the harbor, with the occasional squeaks from seagulls, and a gentle breeze floating through, made you realize that some of the craziest days of your life are now over. Even as a wizard, nothing compared to the past few days of your life.
From meeting the man stood in front of you, to having to drag along a No-Maj, to seeing creatures you couldn't believe existing, to having to fight an Obscurus, to facing off against had to admit, you had never had any stranger few days.
And now, standing with Tina and Newt at the harbor, saying goodbye to Newt, made you realize how quickly time had gone.
And you wished badly he didn't have to go so soon.
"Um, yes. B
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The 2-Disc Special Edition
United States
Current Residence: Washington
Favourite genre of music: Mixed, can't really pick one out
Favourite style of art: Disney and Don Bluth
MP3 player of choice: iPod Touch
Shell of choice: Hmmmm, Fire Crab (see "Fantasic Beasts and Where to Find Them")
Skin of choice: Leopard
Favourite cartoon character: Garfield, Chip 'n' Dale,
Personal Quote: "Of course I have friends, Mother...every time I draw"~Miss Potter
  • Listening to: Moulin Rouge- "Come What May"
  • Watching: my screen
I was tagged by :icon:, so I must oblige. :D


1. You must post these rules.
2. Answer the questions and make a new question.
3. Choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal
4. Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
5. No tag backs.


No. 1: Who is the person (someone in your life presently) whom has inspired you to be whom you are today?
     Hmm, that's a hard question, really. I'd say pretty much my cousin Arezoo. She's incredible. She's always encouraged me ever since we were little.

No. 2: What is the title of your favorite tome? (book)
    Hey's that's not fair! I love a lot of books! Okay, if I want to name one that I've read ten times, it would be Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows by my idol J. K. Rowling.

No. 3: Vanilla or Chocolate?
     Both. I can't choose.  At any given moment, I might prefer vanilla over chocolate, or vice versa.  They are both great flavors!

No. 4: What did you have for breakfast today?
     Egg scramble with red bell peppers and onions and sausage.  I know; I'm a fatty. XD

No. 5: Do you know what a $2.00 bill is?
  Yes I do.  I own a couple, actually.

No. 6: What is your most favorite television show?
   Hmmm, lately I don't watch too much TV, so nothing too recent.  The ones that come to mind are old sitcoms, mostly from the late eighties, Golden Girls, Mama's Family, those types of shows.  Then there's the animated cartoon series.....ones from when I was little, i.e. Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers, Sonic SatAM, Rugrats, My Little Pony, both G1 and G4 more recently....uhhhh, that's all I can think of right now.

No. 7: Flying or Sailing?
   FLYING. *cue "Test Drive"*

No. 8: What is your favorite flower?
    I like a lot of flowers.  Purple irises and any color tea roses are a couple of my favorites.  Odd shaped flowers are good ones too, like bleeding hearts and Chinese Lantern plants.

No. 9: Do you watch cartoons? If so, what are your top five favorites?
    Oh, yes.  I love cartoons!  Most animation, really, but especially traditionally animated ones.  I like tons of animated stuff, but if I had to make a definitive list of Top Five animated movies (?), it would probably be:

The Lion King
The Prince of Egypt
Spirited Away
How to Train Your Dragon
The Last Unicorn

No. 10: Dog or Cat?

No. 11: Where do you want to go with all your heart?
     So many places, it's hard to choose which one I want to go to the most!  

No. 12: What's your favorite season?
     All of them.  There's something about each one that I like.  Fall gives us the beautiful changing leaves, cooler weather, pumpkin and apple harvest, and the start of the block of holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas).  Winter gives us Christmas, snow, crisp air.  Spring the beautiful flowers, warmer weather, Easter, and then Summer gives us sunshine, vegetable gardens, wild berries, longer days, and summer break!  

No. 13: What's your favorite pokémon?
     Meowth used to be my favorite back in the hey day of Pokèmon, but I think they've added about 3,000 more, so I may have to check back with you on that one......

No.14: What is your most precious posesion?
     My health.  Dear God, I wouldn't know what I'd do if I got so sick I couldn't do anything.  After all, I could lose my money, my house, my car, my job, but you can pretty much spring back from that stuff.  If you lose your health, you can't do much to remedy the other stuff.

No. 15: How would you describe yourself in one sentence?
           Upbeat, dependable, I'm....a golden retriever?

No. 16: What is your Astrology sign?  Do you think it fits your personality?

Arrrgggh, now...who to tag?  


...I might come back to this part.  For now, toodles!


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