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Centaur - The Archer

By Sacm88
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:bulletred: IMPORTANT!!! COPYRIGHT NOTICE TO SACM88:bulletred:

My work MAY NOT be edited, modified, used as stock and posted on other sites without my written permission.

Thank you for your cooperation!
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Credits go out to:

Model: &
Bow and Arrows:
Ground: &
Sky: &
Tree brushes:
Own brushes and texture

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© 2013 - 2021 Sacm88
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Your photo manipulation skills are really beautiful.
I have to say that the tree silhouettes and background are really nice. They really add a nice effect to the picture.
The moon doesn't really "go" with the sky though. I'm not sure myself, but it doesn't look particularly right and is a little off. ((Don't take this too harshly))
I love how you managed to piece together the horse and the man to make a centaur! I think it's amazing how you did that!
The lighting may be a little off, and I think the model's skin should be a bit paler in the moonlight.
Overall, I think the artwork is awesome!
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Thank you so much!! Don't you worry. No hard feelings were taken. On the contrary, I welcome critiques :D
To be honest, one of my weakest point in manipulation is lighting. In this particular piece, I didn't do much of it... 
Looking closer, I feel that you are right, There is something a bit of about the sky and moon... guess there should have been more clouds or something "under" the moon
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If you look up PSDBox and Bakaarts in youtube, they have GREAT video and text tutorials available for photo manips :) - I am using them to help me with mine!
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Thank you very much for the wonderful tip!!! :hug:
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You're welcome!

I hope that I helped you in some way :D
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Its sure did (or will)!!!
As an amateur, I can use all the help I can get. Critiques makes one realize that there are mistakes that weren't noticed in the making of a piece.
It also helps on improving.
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Very nice work ! :) (Smile)
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Poured my best in there :)
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This is great! :clap:
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Awwww thank you  Pervy Blossom 
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you're welcome! :aww:
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