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Gibson Les Paul

By sackrilige
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I'm a guitar nut so I just had to make a wallpaper of this flamed top Gibson Les Paul. Just falling in love with it:heart:its so pretty:boogie:

Just a simple title:XD:

Wide screen version of the wallpaper:nod:

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its sooo preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttttttyyy!
animegumballmachine's avatar
might be getting one of these guys soon, but i gotta learn the intro of "sweet child o' mine" by guns n roses on my current one.
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Nice! How long have you been playing guitar for? What's your current guitar?
animegumballmachine's avatar
I currently own a Baja Stratocaster... ive been playing for about 4 0r 5 years, actually. 2 years ago i actually started to GET it.
sackrilige's avatar
Ah that's great ^^! Good on you =D! Enjoy the Gibson when you get it!
animegumballmachine's avatar
If i get it, but thanks for the encouragement!!!!!! i appreciate it!!!!
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An instrument I could never afford to own
Happy 96 Aniversary! Gibson: Les pau!
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Happy Birthday Les! It's awesome what Google have done with it today!
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The Les Paul Traditional in Heritage Cherry Sunburst is my dream guitar :)
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I've got to get one eventually. My current fave guitar that I have is a 74' tele with an insane custom set up.
JoelTheGuitarMan's avatar
God I love this guitar!
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I wish I had that! That's the greatest flame I've ever seen on any picture! I have a nice Gibson Les Paul Traditional in iced tea though:nod:
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sackrilige's avatar
I need one of those sometime before I die.......
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how about... a Telecaster too
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I just posted a photomosaic of this image here [link]

If you would prefer I don't use your image like this, then let me know and I will take it down. OK?
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Wow that's really cool:omfg:did you use a program to auto-generate that? It's fine really:XD:I'm most honour haha ^^. I only really made the background of that wallpaper and it's just a photo of the Les Paul that I found on a website along with the logo:nod:.
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I used the program metapixel [link] on Linux. There are apps just like it available on Windows and Mac. I like it because of the command line interface (no GUI) which I can call from a script that randomly picks programs to call to generate wallpapers.

Oh... besides for the program... you also need a poop load of images.

Thanks for letting me use your image!
sackrilige's avatar
Oh I see, that's really cool, especially since you need to provide your own images. Must feel quite satisfying, and no probs=pglad it was useful to you.
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Tis! The guitar is beautiful!:heart:
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wow, really nice render :D
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It wasn't me haha ^^; it was just a really nice picture to start with
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