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Dreadlocks Tutorial

Now that I've finally figured out how the print screen function works, I'm having way too much fun making tutorials. As if the internet needed more. :eyeroll: This one got a bit wordy...

Ref pic from [link]
Dreadlocks image used as texture from [link]
(Both found via Google image search)
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hi, do you think you can make a pixel version? ;A; or do you know of any pixel dreads tutorials?? very sorry for the irrelevant question but i want to learn how to draw them so i can draw some of my characters//
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Thank you, thank you for making this! I can't say that enough.
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No problem! I'm glad it's helpful. :D
jessetr's avatar
Hi SachiAmi,

Your "Group With Previous" command, where does one find that in Photoshop cs4?
SachiAmi's avatar
Unfortunately I don't have CS4, so I've got no clue. I think the keyboard shortcut would be the same: ctrl+G.
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I am actually doing a painting of Whoopi Goldberg and was wondering how to best paint dreads...Thanks Sachi
SachiAmi's avatar
:) Glad to be of help!
Awesome turtorial!
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Glad you liked it!
xxxMinxKittyxxx1031's avatar
could you do a tutorial with the little dreadlocks plz?
justamuse's avatar
Thank you! As an artist with a character with dreads, this is a great new way to work with it. I hope it'll work on other colors. =D
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Cool, I'm glad you found it helpful! You might have to play around with the blending modes for lighter colors of hair, but the basic concepts should still work.
justamuse's avatar
I will, thank you. =D
HolyNiwa's avatar
now to learn how to do them on paper lol
SachiAmi's avatar
Haha, yeah that's a slightly different cup of tea.
HolyNiwa's avatar
i tried it out >> it wasnt so bad but need improvement xD
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You just got me out of a hurry!
Great tutorial,and thanks, just faved!
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:D I'm glad it helped! And thanks for the fav.
HardcoreNerds's avatar
Thank you! ^^
SachiAmi's avatar
You're welcome!
SnowCentaur's avatar
Wow, this is great! I've never drawn dreadlocks before, so this was very helpful o3o
SachiAmi's avatar
It's certainly not the only way to do them, but I'm glad you found it helpful!
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