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Ocean waves

The Bahamas
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This is breathtaking.
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Beautiful shot... <3 I want to go there now~!
one of the places that i will go to soon....
PsychosisxMINE's avatar
This absolutely beautiful!! Would you mind if I do a painting of it? With all credit going to you of course!!! :D
cougarcellist's avatar
Your photos of the beach & underwater are stunning!
xxTessaxx's avatar
i just want to say i browsed threw all your photography and i must say its breath taking youre style is simple amazing. two of myfave things. alice in wonderland and the ocean cant get much better then that. amazing job simply amazing. i love your style.
i love it so much
chambersweetie54's avatar
It looks sooo calm and peaceful . love it :)
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This one should be a desktop background .. Its perfect :D
MaddyN62110's avatar
Idek you but it came up on my home page and you take really good pictures (:
Spirited13's avatar
Looking at this definitely takes you somewhere else :D Gorgeous photo!!!
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My favorite thing about this is that it looks like one unbroken wave that stretches along the entire coastline.
fourxletterxlie's avatar
Id love to be there right about now...
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This is really affecting. I don't know what specifically, but I think your decision to leave the sun out of the picture, even though many of the elements in the picture point at it, sort of creates this special "wistfulness." Well done!
I'm in love with how sharp and bright this is.
AeroDorisson's avatar
cupfulofstars's avatar
absolutely amazing, i want to go there right now
BassiePie's avatar
Such a great shot! When you look at the picture, you can feel the sound of the waves and the heat of the sun on your skin.
The sand there must be so soft there :O Wow!
tchrgrl18's avatar
I couldn't have said it better, BassiePie! Breath taking shot!
nisav's avatar
This is very relaxing and beautifull :heart:
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