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Ocean Dwellers

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It is a hard shot!
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faved here…
with other hot chics pics
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WOW!!!!!!!!! that's insane!
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are you not afraid that a stingray will attack one of your models one day and kill her
you are a really awesome photographer and you make some really beautiful photo
i just can't help but worry for your models (Steve Irvin got killed by a sting ray)
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What makes this picture all the more beautiful.
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it is the fish, the light and the coloring, and i only wish she was smiling :-)
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Expression is part of a model's skill. Smiling is considered unprofessional in some instances.
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This is Awesome!! Your pictures are fabulousSeto Kousuke (Being shy and kawaii) [10] 
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This is amazing. Looks a bit dangerous, glad to know that the model is fine. :)
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Она наверное пропитана солью как вобла
Your light-striping is enchanting: at the same time it binds all the models onto the seafloor, it traces their curves and accents their motion as they move. Sacha virtually looks as though she is rising up out of her vortex of webbed light.  ~Brad
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Amazing underwater shot, great work
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Perfect! I love your work! :)
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She looks pissed!!
Cute bathing suit and overall interesting pic, though!
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Wow, I thought this was photomanipulation at first. Beautiful work, staging this shot must have been insanely difficult!
Amazing light patterns... Is it from her standing and breathing and then sitting? Or is there a some object at the surface that is causing circular ripples?
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