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Night Bird

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Interesting and appropriately muted colors (seemed unusual, so commented...)
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i class look to photography i like u
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Your photos are always so mesmerizing! I can't get enough of the vivid, fluid, dreamlike imagery~ :heart:
choclatrix's avatar
Loving the dark atmosphere!
joshi1404's avatar
Underwater epic ;)
GoGo-Ghosty's avatar
this is sooo stunning!

It makes me think of winter...
doodler95's avatar
The limbs of the tree make it almost seem like a Japanese woodprint. Excellent job. :thumbsup:
MeltingCORE-NEO's avatar
I don't think I've seen you use something like a tree in your photos before - clever. (I bet it was a pain to get underwater though lol.) I like how the girl seems to be clinging onto the tree (and grey colors) - I can see how she's a "night bird". : D
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Underwater theater.
Meiveva's avatar
That is gorgeous!
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I absolutely love this!
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It makes it look like she's a spirit floating down into a forest. This is a great prop!!
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absolutely extrodinary
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makes me think about 'Mockingbird' by Eminem. So pretty :heart:
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I really love this! I can totally see it being a book or movie cover or something :) But what's that black blob thing at the top?
BlueMoonScorpio's avatar
Having a tree underwater is really unique.
Lovespoon's avatar
She's so beautiful and serene.

I love how quiet this photo looks.

Time for another trip to the Bahamas!!!

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ide like to see this but with her hair floating more around her. That way it looks like a specter fluidly waiting amongst the trees.
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Cool! It almost looks as if she is not underwater!
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