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Last Song

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I want this picture as a cover for my book...if I get it printed and published. Would you mind it? :)
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hi! i want this picture for a gift. how can i geht it in better resolution?
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Wow absolutely stunning!!!
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This is a sad one :(
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It's mesmerizing... I could probably stare all day, but then I'd drown. :) Great job!
this-is-a-paradox's avatar
Wow. I like how you can't tell that it's underwater until you see the haze of its reflection at the top. I also love the way the paper bends. Nice job!! : )
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are those real notes for a song ? te picture is very ashome and greatness <(^ x ^)>
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this is just fantastic
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I'm curios, what song it is^^
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This is such an awesome shot! I love it
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NOOOOOooooooooooooooooooohhh..........all the notes are destroyed :'| I hope you kept extra copies of those xD ;D
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Wow~ Very nice~
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This is officially my favorite:)
random question, but what music was this? or for what instrament?
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I absolutely love this shot
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all your work is amazing but this one is my favorite
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It's so beautiful :love:
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so impressive image
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NOOO! hope its not cuz i love music
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NOOO!! hope its not cuz i <3 music
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