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I am the water...



”Fear of drowning is one reason why many hesitate to learn swimming. Similarly, for fear of failure, we hesitate to dream big or pursue ambitions. We worry about getting drowned in a sea of challenges, problems and roadblocks. We think the world is out there to take us down.

If one just keeps pushing the water down, it is hard for the person to drown. Just as if we continue to keep pushing negative thoughts down, we will continue to keep our chin up and so stay afloat. When we panic, we lose sight of this simple principle.

The symphony of swimming occurs when hand and leg movements are in chorus. If the movements are not in sync, either we tend to drown or we don’t move much ahead. Similarly, when we align our strengths to push obstacles behind and stay enthusiastic push down negative thoughts, swimming in the sea of life seems so effortless. This in a way is akin to our own ego becoming one with that of the water”… Mangesh Ghogre

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Water 💧 is life. I being Aquarius find this visual stunningly beautiful