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I am the water...

By SachaKalis
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”Fear of drowning is one reason why many hesitate to learn swimming. Similarly, for fear of failure, we hesitate to dream big or pursue ambitions. We worry about getting drowned in a sea of challenges, problems and roadblocks. We think the world is out there to take us down.

If one just keeps pushing the water down, it is hard for the person to drown. Just as if we continue to keep pushing negative thoughts down, we will continue to keep our chin up and so stay afloat. When we panic, we lose sight of this simple principle.

The symphony of swimming occurs when hand and leg movements are in chorus. If the movements are not in sync, either we tend to drown or we don’t move much ahead. Similarly, when we align our strengths to push obstacles behind and stay enthusiastic push down negative thoughts, swimming in the sea of life seems so effortless. This in a way is akin to our own ego becoming one with that of the water”… Mangesh Ghogre

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Water 💧 is life. I being Aquarius find this visual stunningly beautiful

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nice timing, great capture.. thanks man
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Wow, so dreamlike!
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Going Under .. Beauty Shoot
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Actually i'm learning to swim so i can get over my fear of drowning. :D
But roadblocks and challenges do keep me from other things. >_<
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Wow. I like your underwater pictures, theyre amazing.
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I envy you. Water has and will always be my nemesis I do not fear it I despise it with a murderous passion. All my life I have felt this way, a hearty frown creeping across my face at the smallest raindrop. Water makes everything I do more difficult, yet without it nothing living can exist. I battle the snows in winter and the floods in summer. Wind brings an equally sour taste to my lips. After all this time I realize that I have been eroded by wind and rain into a better person. Formed through hardship in time to be able in all circumstances ready in all instances and grateful in all fortune. These images to me embody the ultimate expression of my deepest hatred a little piece of my being. You have captured a fragment of my soul. Thank you for that. -SEF
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:la: :la:
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Great work done. Interesting details obtained in the picture. :clap:
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Dear Sugarock99

Your creative Artwork is featured

If you agree
you are Most welcome!!! ...:heart:


Trancendence of Art...:heart:...!!!
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So much color everywhere... wow.
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what device do you have that makes your photos so awesome ?
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I love the marriage of the quote with your photo. The intent makes the image so much more powerful.
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Or "Prisoner of the Froth?"
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there are no words to describe this wonderfu........ DAMMIT! I just wrote something!
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I love this photograph- it's someone elegant and dreamy.
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Gorgeous photograph! And I'm loving the quote..great metaphor :]
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