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very well done! :D
MissEwe's avatar
She reminds me of a deep sea jellyfish.  Fish 
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Nice lighting :D I really want to do some underwater photographyy!!!!
GhostlyHumor98's avatar
This kinda reminds me of the Bog of Bones picture. This is really nice, and creepy!
this-is-a-paradox's avatar
It looks like she's drowning. : (
ShowJumperJazz's avatar
is this for sale??? i need a book cover and this would be perfect! My book will be published in the spring of 2013 and we are extremley intrested in investing in your photography. i am familiar with your work....the girl with the red ribbon braced on her forearm. (book idk) I will be willing to buy this print for 350... please consider my offer.


Dark-Mel's avatar
I love this airiness of her dress in contrast with the darkness of the water!
viktoriafotografie's avatar
wow. you deserve a million favourites for this work!
mobyfufu's avatar
That elegance seems far too magical for a human to demonstrate. It's a work of art.
Captive-Hearts's avatar
I've had nightmares like this... Except yours is so much prettier!!! There's such a haunting quality in this picture. Truly beautiful.
samedarveau's avatar
i love that WOW !
one of your best, sure
Airabee's avatar
reminds me of a jelly fish...hmmm... :)
and NO i don't plan on altering it!
Aisling-Blaise's avatar
This is BEAUTIFUL. DREAMY. SURREAL. The moment is but delicate as if if you ran your finger along it it would shatter and she would float away!
kjuan's avatar
Very beautiful photo, great contrast and balance and those bubbles ...
SimplyDisappearing's avatar
Beautiful. Her dress reminds me of a jellyfish! I realize others have mentioned that as well, haha. (:
Jazz971's avatar
Woah where did you take these?
Lothrian's avatar
I love all your work, but this piece is incredible!! :)
ThatDarlingGirl's avatar
Omg....i love this its so creepy and beautiful at the same time!!!!!
NovemberCosplay's avatar
This is beautiful. Reminds me of a graceful jellyfish!
ladrienneweil's avatar
holy wow! so eery and beautiful
punkiecookie's avatar
whoaaaa!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!
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