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Deep Deep Water

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AshtonKurenai's avatar
Marvelous i am speechless
Swissfashionista's avatar
In a water galaxy ! :iconawwwplz: Kisses, Carole
7oran's avatar
Great photo.:)
Karinta's avatar
This is just stellar. WOW.
I always get a little nervous when I can't see the bottom.
TallE74's avatar
wow, that COLOR and the subject .......just WOW!
jochanaan's avatar
This makes me think of those early science-fiction stories and novels by Arthur C. Clarke, set in the ocean and comparing the deep, open ocean with deep space.  It really does look like she is (you are?) in a void... :D
kparks's avatar

I've enjoyed your work on DA over the years. Great stuff, but this one is just... perfect.

Usually I find the bubbles distracting, but here they really make the image.
Haruka16's avatar
that looks scary, what if a shark came up from below X(
UsagiYogurt's avatar
Amazing! It's so brilliant.
Mood-y's avatar
WTH !!!! o.0 Wuaaah so deep.
tipexleloup's avatar
This is a great picture, and it brings back a lot of memories.

Kudos to you, and thanks a lot for such great shots.
Phandagart's avatar
Haunting... I'm naturally afraid of deep dark cold water even though I basically grew up on the beach. Kudos to your daughter for being so fearless.

If it were my photo I would have edited out the air bubbles to remove that link to reality, in order to make this an entirely dreamlike picture, but it's no big deal.
The-Emerade's avatar
this is amazing :o The lighting is perfect and she looks so graceful!
KissSh0t's avatar
How deep is deep *___*
this-is-a-paradox's avatar
Wow! I thought this was a painting at first. D :
Janiebirrrd's avatar
Holy mother of shark phobia. This would be awesome and terrifying.
Wisecrack-Idiots's avatar
Can I use that expression the next time my uncle tries to invite me out on his boat miles from the coast?
The artist in me approves of the eerie colors btw. Nice work, Sacha. c:
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