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Your photos are amazing.. <3
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So beautiful! Love it!!!
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All of them Like like n like it :)
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would you mind if I tried to draw this??
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the perfection of creation /
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This is a lot my dreams,
From early childhood and now.
This is truly beautiful.
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Absolutely beautiful
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Really Really amazing
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A poem tribute to Sugarock99 for your
wonderful photography.


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I've seen your gallery and I must admit, your photos are beautiful but I can't help but notice that there is not much variety in your work. I would love to see your work in deferent environments. You have the skills and I think that you should go beyond your comfort zone and develop them farther.

(Sorry if I make little sense in my ramblings, english is not my native tongue.)
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unbelievable !! It's so nice !!
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Wow. Your pictures are so emotional and.. deep.
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That's just plain awesome.
I like your work Elena.
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Great shot, kudos!
én szerelem ez ( tanulok ezen a nyelven . Nem tudom, egy csomó szót ) XD
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your work is amazing
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Hello dear :) Your awesome picture was voted for :icondesign-of-liquid: Summer Spotlight!
You have been featured in this news article [link] and on our blog [link]
Congratulations and thank you for submitting your artwork :hug:
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I'm a big fan of your work. I absolutely love it.
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I think one of the great things about your photos are your models. I think sometimes people might forget that being a model can be tough. (Not that being the photographer isn't hard, too. I sure couldn't do it.) But when people try to take "normal" pictures underwater, it usually doesn't work well cuz the models look like they're suffocating/drowning.

Maybe it's the lighting or the angles, but your models look very nice when they're underwater.
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