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Compass Cay


"Facing your fears is one of the biggest obstacles in life, but it can be exciting and wonderful.
When you face your fears and do things that you fear most, they may become the most memorable moments of your life."

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Almost like fish censoring.
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Did you have fun swimming with the fishies?
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This is beautiful!
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Great work, cool image!
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This is just... wow... my boyfriend is a fotographer and I know photos like this are really not easy to make. Well done!
"I can hold my breath for 10 minutes"...
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A stunning piece of work! mesmerizing. A place for brave souls to venture to. 
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It must have been amazing to swim with that marine life.
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будующий корм для рыб
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Where in the Bahamas is that?
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amazing. I could swim down there for hours. perfect location to practice holding your breath
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My dear woman, I don't know if you're aware, but... SHARK. x-x Dos Sharks!
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sharks are nice and not dangerous, I'm much more afraid of humans
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How?  How did you manage to get the two sharks to be close?  Or was it an accident?  Great shot though.
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I wish I could swim like's pretty! :heart: :hug:
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actually i think shes just standing under the pier . should be easy
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Oh. That's still pretty!
I really would like to swim underwater, though (her other pictures)
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