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Beyond The Surface


_bahamasgirl_“The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun.”
-Phil Edwards

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Awesome Picture! Featured on my YouTube channel:…
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great image - incredible view by flipping the world upside down
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Such exquisite beauty!
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Very well done, very clever. . . .
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Clever and beautifil!
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Very clever, and beautifully done. Thank you! :) (Smile) +fav 
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ебанная мартышка в рассоле
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What  a magnificent piece of work!
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Wow, this must've been so hard to capture! I love the concept though. The underside of the ocean, just before you reach the surface, can be so beautiful. I remember trying to capture similar ideas at the pool I went to during my childhood. I loved diving to the bottom of the pool and looking at my reflection just before I broke through to the surface. It always looked like I was flying in the sky. I remember you've done similar photographs with your Alice series. Beautiful work.
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Stunning shot. The "waves" washing over the edges of the board are fantastic!
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Awesome, Sacha! :w00t:
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the colours and the lightning are awesome. how did you manage to get purple on the water ?
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So clever and beautiful. Love it!
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Wow this is the coolest photo, I love it! Heart 
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Every time you post something, I am just more and more amazed... :love: This is beautiful. 
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That must've been difficult to do. :wow
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this is now my desk top background
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