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[PKMN OC] Rosika Reference Sheet by Saccharinerose [PKMN OC] Rosika Reference Sheet by Saccharinerose
New and updated reference sheet~ This was A LOT of work wow...

Edit [11/2017]: Changed the layout & colors of the sheet a bit and got rid of the Pokémon roster because the drawings looked suuuper rushed. I might redo them and add them later but probably not. Also changed some things in the bio [Edit end]

I changed her Kanto outfit back to an earlier design that I never uploaded. I found it when looking through some traditional drawings I did of Rosie and liked it much better than the Kanto outfit I gave her in her old ref sheet.
Also changed some things about her Kalos outfit. The boots are completely redesigned but I also made some changes to the colour palette. I wanted to use the same 6 colors on all of the outfits, which is why her Alola outfit also changed. As much as I liked the pastel-y look I also quite like this colour combination! Also goodbye Kommo-o shoes, you'll be missed

Anyway, here's the updated bio.

【 General Information 】

Full Name: Rosika Lathwell (jpn. Umeko)
Nickname(s): Rosie
Gender: Female
Hometown: Saffron City, Kanto
Birthday: November 12th
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Occupation: Pokémon Trainer/Dragon Master
Dream: Meet a legendary dragon Pokémon and become a Dragon Master
Voice Claim:
    Kana Hanazawa (Japanese)
    Laura Bailey (English)

【 Appearance 】

Hair Color: Dark purple
Eye Color: Pale pink
Skin Tone: Tan

【 Family and Friends 】

Father: Arvid Lathwell (born in Sinnoh, Michina Town)
Mother: Ilona Lathwell (born in Unova, Village of Dragons)

Friends: Mona, Saoirsa, Iris, Reggie
[If you have Pokemon Anime OCs and want them to be friends with Rosika please tell~]
Boyfriend: Paul

【 Personality 】

As a child Rosika was very spoiled as she was always treated like a princess by her parents who wanted to make their constant, work-related absence up to her. She never learned to work for things, she only needed to ask nicely. She thought very highly of herself and had an unbearable 'holier than thou' attitude. She was always a very clever girl and knew how to act around people to get what she wanted. She'd always act all sweet and nice before asking for something to get on her parents' good side. But if she didn't get what she wanted she'd pout and whine either until she finally gets it or her parents get in an argument with her and threaten her with punishment.
A large change in her personality was caused by her Deino, Filipo, entering her life.
Not only did his rough-housing make Rosika start to loose her prissy princess attitude but he also acted as a bridge between her and other children her age, who were often put-off by her attitude and avoided her.
By spending time with people outside her family, she was forced to realize that this behaviour only made her seem whiny and insufferable to others and cause them to stay away from her. She began to learn that it sometimes is better to tolerate it when things don't go exactly how she wants to.
Because her friends started their journey before her, she was eager to become a great trainer and catch up with them, and hopefully even surpass them as she likes being the best. When starting out as a trainer she had a lot of difficulties as she was not used to having to work to achieve something. She had to learn to put effort into things to make them work.
Throughout her journey she lost most of her spoiltness and became less demanding and more humble, not thinking of herself as 'above others' anymore. Though she still does not settle for less than what she thinks she deserves. She won't allow people to walk all over her and knows how to assert herself.
As a very decisive and goal-oriented person, she actively pursues her dream of becoming a great trainer and an even greater Dragon Master. She always seeks out a new challenge, trying to improve and surpass herself constantly.
Nowadays Rosika has become a lot more affable and is a generally pleasant person to be around. She knows how to start a conversation and doesn't mind being the one to keep it going, as well as being fairly good at reading body language. She is a natural at interacting with and understanding others.
She is quite the optimist and always strives to improve. Failing only makes her want to try harder until she succeeds. She believes you can do anything with the right mindset and if you put enough energy and dedication into it. When met with hardships she directly confronts them and tries her best to overcome them with perseverance and dedication.
If possible she prefers planning ahead and is not prone to taking risks. She's not really good at improvising and gets a bit nervous when she has no time to think when being thrown into an unexpected situation. Rosika knows what she can do and is confident in her abilites. She's smart and would never just rush into a situation without thinking twice about it and the consequences of her actions.
Rosie has a tactical and analytical mind when it comes to Pokémon battles and strategy. If she looses a battle she goes over the entire battle mentally, thinking about where she made a mistake and what she should have done differently. Her creative and imaginate nature allows her to think 'outside the box' and approach situations in an uncommon way.
She is very stubborn and wants to be taken seriously, trying to be as independent as she can to prove she is not just 'some rich, conceited girl' anymore. Due to that she has a hard time admitting she needs help and feels miserable when realizing she doesn't know how to handle something on her own. She wants to be able to overcome problems on her own and not being able to no matter what gives her a feeling of utter defeat.
She is very embarrassed by the person she used to be but is also proud of how much she has changed since then. She is very happy she is able to go on her journey and have all these experiences that help her grow as a person. She really appreciates the things she has, especially her friends and Pokémon.
Rosika has a lot of self-esteem and can even be called vain. There's only a few things she dislikes about herself and you can easily offend Rosie if you insult these things. She often comes off as arrogant due to her liking to show off and enjoying being praised as well as her desire to be the best.
Rosika is an impatient person. Waiting for long stretches of time, especially without having something to occupy herself with, is almost unbearable for her and it irritates her a lot. She also can't help but get frustrated when people don't immidiately get things she finds easy to understand. She knows everyone has different learning speeds and find different things easy to learn and she shouldn't feel that way but she still does.
Despite her trying not to seem like a typical rich girl, she's very squeamish. Wading through mud or touching slimy substances are surely not part of her favourite activities and she would gladly take an alternative, but if there are absolutely, positively no alternatives she would force herself to pull through. Though she would definitely complain about it.

Favourite Colour: Mimi Pink
Favourite Flower: Plum blossoms and pink roses
Favourite Food: Potato stew, spring rolls, strawberries
Favourite Drink: Green tea and cherry juice
Favourite Sweet: Caramel pudding and chocolate

    Ice Skating
    Sudoku and other riddle games
    Dragon-type pokemon
    Lore around legendary Pokémon (esp. Dragon-types)
    Fantasy and romance novels

    Smelly places and people
    Being underestimated
    Horror movies
    Excessive Heat

【 History 】


Rosika was born in Saffron City. Her parents both work at Silph Co. with her mother occupying a manager position and her father being one of the rescearch scientists. Thus her family was fairly rich. Her mother also had relatives in Unova, her father - Rosika's grandfather - lives in the Village of Dragons near Opelucid City. Rosie and her parents sometimes visited their relatives there. Rosie also spent a lot of time with Iris every time they visited. Since both Arvid and Ilona work for a good portion of the day, they hired a babysitter to watch after Rosika. In return for their almost constant absence Rosika was spoiled and pampered by her parents. She was treated like a princess and she enjoyed it thoroughly. She spent the majority of her early childhood in her home or in the garden, playing with her babysitter or otherwise entertaining herself. Though at times her babysitter took her outside so she could play with other children. But she was never really able to form a closer friendship due to her attitude.

Her grandfather wanted to hold onto the tradition of giving children from the village dragon-types to raise and gifted Rosika with a Deino egg when she and her family where visiting the village on her 10th Birthday. Her mother expressed concern about having a Pokémon as rough as Deino around her daughter, but her grandfather just laughed it off. He said he felt it in his bones that Rosika would grow up to become a fantastic Dragon Master. And he was to be proven right later on. The egg hatched a few days after they returned to Saffron City and Rosie named the Deino 'Filipo'.

Filipo was a big factor in helping her to snap out of her prissy princess attitude. His attempts to play with Rosika often ended with him knocking her over or pushing her around too forcefully. She didn't like that and tried pushing him back, but Filipo was too steady and heavy for her to succeed. She eventually adjusted to his rough-housing and had a lot of fun playing with him, even though he still occasionally knocked her over. Filipo also animated Rosika to get out more and acted as a bridge between her and the people who were usually pushed away by her attitude, so she got to know more people. She grew close to Saoirsa and Mona, who were only interested in Filipo first but as they spend more and more time with Rosika, they noticed how she had changed and they became friends.

Eventually Mona and Saoirsa were allowed to go and start their journey as Pokémon Trainers. Rosika wanted to go with them but her parents didn't permit her to go as they were worried something might happen to her. Every day she would try to convince her parents she was able to look after herself and that she also had Filipo to protect her as well. But it almost always ended in a argument and Rosika would have to accept her parent's decision.

Journey through Kanto

Fed up with her parents' doubts about her capabilities as a trainer Rosika wanted to prove to them that she was more than capable to handle it. So she bought herself a few Pokéballs and planned on catching another Pokémon to show her parents she was ready to go. Just outside of Saffron City she encountered a group of Growlithe and after a long battle and numerous failed attempts she was able to catch one. She took it home to show it to her parents and they finally gave in and Rosika got the permission to start her own journey.

In the first few weeks she constantly lost battles with other trainers and sometimes her Pokémon were even knocked out by wild Pokémon. She was not used to working and had to accept that she can't just whine to win battles and make her Pokémon stronger. She actually had to train. She bought herself a trainer guide and studied all sorts of type advantages, battle strategies and side-effects from attacks and abilities. She also started developing her own battle strategy, combining elements from the guides and including her own ideas. Sooner or later she won her first battle with a trainer. After that Rosika's self-confidence as a trainer skyrocketed as she finally felt capable of being a good trainer. She expanded her team, catching many different Pokémon to train and to cover all type advantages.

While she challenged the gyms in Kanto, Rosika actually tried participating in Pokémon Contests once. She was able to pass the first round with intense planning and preparation but was utterly stomped when she had to improvise in the second round. She realized Contests are not her thing and more stressful than fun to her and never participated in one again. In her words, she doesn't have the right 'artistic vibe' for it.

Eventually she made her way to the Indigo plateau, after obtaining all 8 gym badges in Kanto. Suprisingly she won the tournament between the competeting trainers but ,not so suprisingly, lost to the first member of the Elite 4. Still proud with what she managed to achieve, she returned home to plan the next part of her journey and to celebrate her birthday which was coming up soon. She originally planned to go to Johto next but after receiving a call from her friend Saoirsa, who was in Unova with Mona, she decided to go there instead and meet up with her friends. She also saw it as an opportunity to visit her relatives in the Village of Dragons. Her grandfather would surely be proud of how well she raised Filipo.

Journey through Unova

On the ship she took to Nuvema Town she met another trainer - Paul - who was on his way to Unova as well. She managed to engage him in a conversation and when she found out he was a trainer too, she asked if he was interested in having a battle.
They weren't allowed to have their battle on the ship though and had to wait until they arrived in Nuvema. Another passenger mentioned that Professor Juniper's laboratory has a proper place to battle and since both Paul and Rosika needed to visit the professor to get their new Pokédexes they decided they should have the battle there.

After receiving their updated Pokédex it was time for their battle. They decided on a 3-on-3 battle. Paul was thrown off by Rosika's odd fighting style. Instead of shouting out an attack to the Pokémon, she uses codewords and phrases to signal her Pokémon to use an attack or move in a certain way. He has problems seeing through it, as Rosie uses multiple factors in her codephrases to give her Pokémon orders. His interest is sparked and he remarks how long it must have taken to teach her Pokémon this method. Their 3-on-3 battle ends with a 2-1 win for Rosika. Her Magneton managed to beat Paul's Honchkrow. His Weavile defeated her Vileplume and finally Rosika's Arcanine defeated Paul's Torterra.

After their battle he compliments Rosika's fighting style and says that he can't wait to battle her again, then they part ways. But meet again from time to time on their journey to Striaton and Nacrene as they take the same way. When Paul arrives at Striaton gym, Rosie is already there prepping for battle. He is invited to watch and he accepts, still interested in Rosika's battle style. However even after watching her intently during the battle he still hasn't figured her out.
In Nacrene they run into each other again, just before Paul is about to challenge the gym. This time Rosie decides to watch his gym battle. After his battle Rosika approaches Paul again to ask him if maybe he'd like to travel together until Icirrus where she wants to meet up with her friends. He agrees.
While travelling together the two become closer, learning a lot about the other, how they train and how they battle. Rosika also gets to know Paul's brother Reggie who Paul occasionally talks to over video call at the PokéCenter.

One after one they beat the gyms of Unova. They train together and catch new Pokémon. Rosika is even willing to show Paul how her codewords and phrases work, but only a small part of it because she still wants the advantage of using them whenever they battle. Whenever bad weather and storms prevented them from continuing their journey and they were stuck in a PokéCenter for hours they would watch Battle Tournaments together and analyze the participants' fighting styles, mistakes they made and what they should have done differently.

While spending time together Rosie notices that she maybe thinks of Paul as more than a friend. Though she doesn't have her feelings completely sorted out yet. This she decides to ignore it for the time being, not wanting to make their relationship more awkward by randomly confessing feelings she isn't quite sure of and ruin their friendship. Unknown to her, Paul privily develops feelings for her too. But just like Rosika he decides to ignore them, for a lack of understanding how to communicate it to her.

After arriving in Mistralton City, Rosika starts wondering if she should tell Paul about her feelings before they are going to part in Icirrus. She is conflicted and not sure how and when to tell him. She can't come up with a solution and is restless that day.
One day she just tells Paul that she would love to continue traveling with him because she likes him and he travels at the same pace as her.  Paul is confused by that comment and after Rosika explained it to him, he off-handedly says that he would not mind it if she were to continue traveling with him, which gives Rosie hope that she will be able to muster up the courage to tell him eventually. The same evening, she calls Mona and Saoirsa to inform them of her decision to not travel with them after they meet up. They want to know why but Rosie cuts them off by stating she will tell them when they meet in Icirrus.

When Rosika meets Mona and Saoirsa in Icirrus, Paul leaves so Rosie can spend the day with her friends. They still catch a glimpse of him before he leaves so they try to squeeze every bit of information about him out of Rosika. Not really wanting to only talk about Paul and her feeling for him she tries to be done with the topic  and change the subject quickly. She recieves in-detail updates of Mona and Saoirsa's journey. Mona talked a lot about her stories and even gave her a few poems she wrote for Rosie. Saoirsa exitedly showed her designs she sketched and some photos of clothing she thought Rosie would like. Saoirsa mentions that she wants to go back to Striaton bc a store she really liked supposed got a new sortiment. Mona wants to stay in Icirrus because there's this one spot near Dragon Spiral tower where she got hit with inspiration. At the end of the day she feels a lot better after being able to talk about her troubled feelings. She is determined to tell Paul about her feelings.

On their last day in Icirrus City, before they continue to travel, Rosika and Paul visit Dragon Spiral Tower. There, Rosika gathers up all her courage and tells Paul about her feelings. She is suprised to have her feelings reciprocated and the two of them start a relationship. With not much change to their overall routine, except adding in a few dates, they continue their journey through Unova. After earning the last gym badges they need to enter the Vertress Conference, Rosika and Paul go visit the Village of Dragons and travel to the West of Unova, specifically Lacunosa, Undella and Humilau Town to spend the time they have before the league starts. Eventually the two compete in the Vertress Conference, which neither of them end up winning.

Afterwards they continue their to Kalos, collect the badges of the gyms there and then compete in the Lumiose Conference. [Will expand on that later]

After that Rosika takes Paul with her on vacation to Alola as Rosika's parents have a beach house there. They also take that opportunity to catch new Pokémon and face new challenges in form of the Z-Moves. [Will expand on that later]

- Rosie appears to not be ticklish at all
- She isn't good at drawing and baking, her cooking skills are acceptable at best too
- She greatly admires Lance, Clair, Drake, Drayden and Drasna and would love to meet all of them in person
- She also used to have a crush on Lance and Clair when she was younger
- She's allergic to Eevee fur
- After seeing how her Hydreigon absolutely adores her, her grandfather is of the adamant belief that Rosika could tame any legendary dragon-type Pokémon to behave like the gentlest Mareep

【 Pokémon Information 】

Favoured Type: Dragon
Battle Style/Strategy
Rosika does not directly tell her Pokémon to 'use (insert attack name)' but instead trains her Pokémon to relate codewords and certain phrases to attacks and movements during battle. This strategy is rather time consuming in training but has the advantage that her opponent rarely knows what her Pokémon are going to do.

Starter: Deino
    Kanto League Team
    Hydreigon, Dewgong, Arcanine, Pidgeot, Magneton, Vileplume

    Unova League Team
    Hydreigon, Leavanny, Arcanine, Swanna, Eelektrik, Golurk

    Kalos League Team
    Hydreigon, Dewgong, Pyroar, Aegislash, Whimsicott, Pidgeot (+Mega Pidgeot)

Alola Team:
Hydreigon, Kommo-o, Salazzle, Minior, Comfey, Toxapex

Hydreigon – Filipo Hydreigon  [male]
Attacks: Dragon Pulse - Tri Attack - Crunch - Dragon Rush
Ability: Levitate

Rosika got Filipo as a Deino egg on her 10th birthday as a present from her grandfather. He grew up alongside Rosika, often seeing her as something like his sister.
Spoiled like his owner. Filipo only listens when called by his nickname. He has known Rosika practically since his birth and trusts her and only her. He is unbearingly protective of her and immidiatly shows doubt and disgust when Rosika talks to people he doesn't know. He at times emerges from his Pokéball on his own to snarl at people (Rosika is convinced he has developed some sort of 6th sense to detect people in her surroundings). Despite his initial threatening and intimidating appearance he quickly becomes remorseful and miserable if Rosie so much as scoffs at his antics. When begging for Rosie's forgiveness he nudges his head on her, as if asking to be pet. To show him that she forgave him Rosika usually does pet him

Arcanine #059 Arcanine [female]
Attacks: Outrage - Agility - Flare Blitz - Fire Fang
Ability: Flash Fire

Rosika caught her Arcanine near Saffron as a Growlithe to show her parents she was capable of living the life as a trainer. This Growlithe was the first Pokémon she ever caught and the second she owned.  Rosika also evolved her fairly late. Her Arcanine has thicker and longer fur than a normal Arcanine, thus she appears fluffier. She loves having her large mane combed. Arcanine is very affectionate and loving but because of her size and power she often accidentally hurts people with her affection. She's more of a ditz, not really showing a regular Arcanine's might and elegance. She has a lot of fun fighting and very rarely takes it seriously, seeing it more as a game. She usually doesn't care if she looses. But she still has a competitive spirit which makes her give it her all despite it being just a game in her eyes.

Whimsicott #547 Whimsicott [male]
Attacks: Energy Ball - Stun Spore - Moonblast - Cotton Guard
Ability: Prankster

Rosika caught him in Kalos. Whimsicott is very active and jumps around a lot. He likes to avoid physical fights a
s as they are not really his forte, he prefers to evade and attack with as little risk as possible. He's very sly and somehow always manages to worm himself out of trouble.

Pidgeot #018 Pidgeot [male]
Attacks: Wing Attack - Steel Wing - Roost - Air Slash
Ability: Keen Eye

Rosika caught him as a Pidgey in Kanto as one of the first Pokémon she caught after starting her journey. He was very meek and insecure in the beginning, often chickening out in fights and trying to flee. But Rosika trusting him and cheering on him started to give him more confidence and he tried his best to win for Rosie's sake. His first evolution gave him a major confidence boost and after his second evolution he rarely ever gets bouts of self-doubt. He likes to be needed and it makes him feel extremely good to know that his trainer relies on him in battle. He is determined to win to make Rosika proud and likes to end battles fast. He enjoys being praised and feeling important and he is very affectionate towards the people and Pokémon he respects.

Dewgong #087 Dewgong  [female]
Attacks: Aqua Jet - Aqua Tail - Aqua Ring - Ice Beam
Ability: Thick Fat

Rosika caught her near the Seafoam Islands in Kanto as a Seel. Rosika was training with her Pokémon by the beach and Seel interrupted her training by firing attacks at them at random and then diving and hiding every time Rosika tried to stop her. Eventually Rosika was so fed up she decided to catch the damn Pokémon. She followed Seel on her Tentacruel almost all the way to the Seafoam Islands and eventually caught her. Seel absolutely wasn't happy with this. She only became slightly more affable towards Rosika when she evolved to Dewgong. She likes being a Dewgong, thinking of herself as more beautiful, and, if she likes it or not, has to thank Rosika for making her to evolve.
She has a very vain nature which caused Rosika calls her 'Madame' as a nickname at times. Dewgong is smug and full of herself. She hates to loose as she thinks very highly of herself, often seeing herself above others. She will sulk and be moody after every lost battle but be even more fired up at the prospect of a rematch. She is about as stubborn as Rosika, if not more, but the two of them manage to put their differences aside in battle (at least sometimes)

Eelektross Eelektross [female]
Attacks: Discharge - Thunderbolt - Crunch - Wild Charge
Ability: Levitate

Rosika caught her as a Tynamo in Chargestone Cave in Unova and decided to keep her on her team because Tynamo's final evolution is supposedly very strong. Despite Tynamo's impetuous and wild nature she was very thrilled to be caught by a trainer. She loves battling and has always loved it, even as a weak little Tynamo. Being caught means battling so was eager to cooperate with Rosika. However after evolving to Eelekrik it became challenging for her to control herself and even more challenging for Rosika to control her. Eelektrik can really only get a grip on herself and not loose herself in the adrenaline rush of a battle in a serious battle such as a gym fight or any trainer with very strong Pokémon. She'd like to do things her own way but knows that Rosika often knows better what to do. But she grits her teeth and follows through, knowing that she will get the sweet taste of victory is she listens.

Vileplume #045 Vileplume [male]
Attacks: Giga Drain - Petal Dance - Stun Spore - Moon Light
Ability: Chlorophyl

Rosika caught him as a Gloom in Kanto.
Vileplume loves to battle and is an especially sore looser. He will hold a grudge against both trainer and Pokémon he lost against for a while.

Magneton #082 Magneton 
Attacks: Flash Cannon - Discharge - Magnet Bomb - SonicBoom
Ability: Sturdy

Rosika caught it as a Magnemite in Kanto. Just like her Pidgeot, Magnemite was fairly insecure and meek unlike Pidgeot however, it has not yet gained much self-confidence. It is still fairly insecure especially about its abilities as a battler and is suprised with itself whenever it wins a battle. It is also even more depressed whenever it looses, feeling confirmed in its doubts. It relies a lot on Rosika's support and would probably not be able to battle properly if it didn't have it. On the rare occasions when it feels overjoyed it can give electrical shocks to people in accident.

Golurk #623 Golurk 
Attacks: Earthquake - Shadow Punch - Iron Defense - Dynamic Punch
Ability: Iron Fist

Rosika caught it in Unova. It seemingly approached her without reason, bowing to her and started to follow her round. Although initially confused and taken aback, Rosika seized the opportunity and promptly caught it. It is a very old Pokémon and has been "asleep" for several hundred years before waking up again. It used to belong to a group of knights who served a princess who beared somewhat of a resemblance to Rosika. Unaware of many years have passed, Golurk mistook Rosika for that princess and approached her to continue serving her. Golurk also started seeing Paul as a member of the group of knight, despite him not bearing any resemblance to any of them.
Golurk is a self-proclaimed warrior of justice. It sees itself as Rosika's loyal guardian and is very protective, though it is not as suspecting of others as Filipo or Kommo-o. It is fearless, dependable and a valuable fighter with experience. If needed this Pokémon would protect people with its body. It has a habit of picking people up and putting them on its shoulder.

Pyroar  Pyroar Icon (male) [male]
Attacks: Fire Fang - Overheat - Hyper Voice - Work Up
Ability: Rivalry

Rosika caught him as a Litleo in Kalos and it is one of the first Pokémon she caught in that region. Pyroar is very, very lazy. He likes to doze in the sun and is generally not excited about battling. It bothers him and he usually can't muster up the energy to do it. That however changes when another male Pokémon is around. He gets all worked up and tries to assert itself as the strongest and gets very competitive. This can mostly be chalked up to his ability Rivalry.

Leavanny#542 Leavanny [female]
Attacks: Swords Dance - X-Scissors - Razor Leaf - Grass Whistle
Ability: Swarm

Rosika caught it in Unova as a Sewaddle. She used to be outright aggressive, jumping at anyone who came close to her and using Bug Bite on them. However, upon evolving to Leavanny she seemingly changed completely. She seems very gentle, as if she couldn't harm a fly. She appears to be very lively and nice, even a bit clumsy. She hasn't not lost her aggressive side though. But it only shows in battle scenarios. She can get very intense during battle and always stays focused, striking fast, merciless and with terrifying accuracy. It's as if battles are not a mere sport for her, or she just happens to be very, very, very competitive. 

Swanna #581 Swanna [female]
Attacks: Water Pulse - Rain Dance - Hurricane - Roost
Ability: Keen Eye

Rosika caught her in Unova near Driftveil City.

She is nurturing and motherly, though she can be a little anxious occasionally. She likes to help people, but is a bit naive and trusts others too easily.

Aegislash Aegislash Icon [male]
Attacks: Iron Head - King's Shield - Shadow Sneak - Autotomize
Ability: Stance Change

Rosika caught him as a Doublade in Kalos.
Determined and confident, he refuses to give up even when it seems hopeless. He keeps mostly to himself and is not very 'social' with other Pokémon.

Kommo-o #784 Kommo-o [male]
Attacks: Clanging Scales - Dragon Claw - Sky Uppercut - Protect
Ability: Bulletproof

Rosika caught him as a Jangmo-o near her parents' beach house on Akkala Island in Alola. He hatched from an egg that the parents lost and stumbled around looking for his parents. He ran into Rosika who promptly fell in love with the little guy and caught him. He was a literal baby at the time and imprinted on Rosika, seeing her as his mother. He longed for Rosika's affection and attention and cried when it didn't get it. It was a handful to take care off and a weak battler at first. However Jangmo-o are tough and capable even as hatchlings. Jangmo-o mostly grew with his evolution but even as he grew out of his chuldish beheavious he was still very attached to Rosie. As a Hakamo-o he was less of a crybaby. He had a lot of enegry, was very active and always ready and eager to fight, learn and grow. He already began to show a protective streak. As a Kommo-o he has fully adapted a protective nature similar to Filipo's, seeing himself as the protector of 'his parents' (Rosika and Paul) who are so much smaller and weaker than him. Unlike Filipo, Kommo-o is not in the least wary about Paul as he was there since before Rosie caught him, on the contrary: He is even very protective of Paul, often stepping in whenever Filipo shows him some attitude. The two of them frequently get into fights, usually over who gets to protect Rosika. 
While Filipo likes to intimidate people from behind Rosie's back, Kommo-o steps between her and any suspucious individual and readies himself to beat them up if she were to tell him to. He always tries to gift Rosie any scales that fall of in battle but looses them before he can present them to her. He also gives big, crushing hugs to both Rosika and Paul.

Salazzle #758 Salazzle [female]
Attacks: Flame Burst - Dragon Pulse - Venoshock - Disable
Ability: Corrosion

She thinks very highly of herself and can for the love of Mew not fathom that her defense is very weak. Being knocked out very fast still comes as a suprise to her every time.

Comfey #764 Comfey [male]
Attacks: Grass Knot - Draining Kiss - Sweet Kiss - Synthesis
Ability: Triage

He likes to rest on a person's neck like a Lei, doing so calms him down whenever he is angry.He has a bit of a temper and is easily provoked but his anger is usually expressed vocally rather than physically. A delinquent with a heart of gold, he tries to be intimidating but never really manages to be.

Minior Minior icon 
Attacks: Rollout - Acrobatics - Rock Slide - Confuse Ray
Ability: Shields Down

It seems to think that every round-shaped object is another Minior and tries to communicate with it. It is very energetic and could care less about getting a few scratches or crashing into things when zooming around. It's very curious and rather naive as well.

Toxapex #748 Toxapex [female]
Attacks: Liquidation - Recover - Toxic - Poison Jab
Ability: Merciless

A bit more on the bashful side but all hell breaks loose when she is angered. Don't expect any mercy!


Art, Rosika © Saccharinerose 
Pokémon (Pokemon Anime) © Nintendo (Satoshi Tajiri)
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saltyalien Featured By Owner Edited Apr 22, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Ohh, this character is adorable! I always love dragon-themed trainers, Clair and Zinnia among others are some of my all time favourite characters!
I love the colour combination, it looks so soothing. And the detail put into all of this, the description included... Awesome!
Just noticed she has a Toxapex too, my trainer oc also has one! I don't see people loving Toxapex and Mareanie much (the evolution even less), so it's super cool to see someone else with it on their oc's team!
Saccharinerose Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ahhh thank you so much!! ; o ;
Rosie is an OC I had for a looong time now so I had a lot of time to develop her and write about her in detail. I'm really proud of her~

I love Mareanie and Toxapex a lot! I trained one in Ultra Moon and she was a great team member!
Narutopowers88 Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Wow Litleo was the first Pokemon I/my OC caught in Kalos as well. Dragons are my favorite, idolize both Lance and Cynthia. Do you think our characters would get along?? I imagine they talk about dragons all day... 
Saccharinerose Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well Rosika idolizes Lance and Clair, not Lance and Cynthia but if she ever learned that Cynthia's ace pokemon is a Garchomp I'm sure she would look up to her as well.
Rosika is a very affable person in general who can get along with most people so I'd say yeah
Narutopowers88 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
I have a Garchomp too, maybe they can meet each other sometime. :) Ryan my OC doesn't have many other OC friends. :(
Narutopowers88 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Oh my OC idolizes Clair too, he's surprised how he ever defeated Clair during Johto series.
Narutopowers88 Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
I am bad that I did not get a chance to meet Laura Bailey at SacAnime, only ones I met were Todd Haberkorn and Vic. Vic would do well for my character. :)
Club-Dreamiverse Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
dori76 Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aaaah ama i just saw rosie has kana as her seiyu!!!0^0 gah it jist made me love her more!!
Club-Dreamiverse Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Was this comment meant for Saccharinerose?
dori76 Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah but it seems like DA mis sent it :-?
Club-Dreamiverse Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Saccharinerose Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Club-Dreamiverse Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
You're welcome.
dechi532 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2017
she looks nice.
Saccharinerose Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
AquaOshawott01 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Nicely developed and flushed out.
I like her! 
Saccharinerose Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you!
AshKetchum8992 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2017  Hobbyist Photographer
way cool
Saccharinerose Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
AshKetchum8992 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2017  Hobbyist Photographer
no problem so when did you start making pokemon OC References
Saccharinerose Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Uh, I've always made references of my character?
AshKetchum8992 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2017  Hobbyist Photographer
Minatsuki-chan Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
looks great
Saccharinerose Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you
Minatsuki-chan Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
you're welcome
dori76 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Totally digging the kanto outfit! :D it looks so sporty and chique! 
Saccharinerose Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awww thanks~
dori76 Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yo welcome!*3*
r4ndomconcept Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Saccharinerose Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Arriceon Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2017
I really love Rosika's new profile!
It's very detailed, and I adore her different outfits in each region and how they all match in color schemes~
I remember her older version and I think this one shows how immensely you've improved in so many aspects of your art ;u; it's really amazing!
Saccharinerose Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha, it was high time I made her a new one. The old one was getting really, well, old.
I always disliked how I never had a consistent color scheme for Rosika, especially considering how many characters in the Pokemon Anime do have one. I am happy I didn't have to change many of the colors too drastically (except the Alola outfit of course lol)

Yeah I noticed that too, especially while drawing. I distinctly remember how difficult it was for me to do the lineart but now I can line much more quickly. And I think I have overall more security drawing in the simplistic PokeAni style
Haruyou Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2017
OHHH this is just GORGEOUS! :heart: 
Saccharinerose Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aww thank you!! >u<
AseekanSaram Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sie ist freaking adorable. ** 
Ich mag die Pokemon die sie hat. :>
Sind nicht meine Lieblingspokemon aber ich hatte viele davon schon im Team. 
Saccharinerose Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Meine absoluten Lieblingspokémon sind das auch nicht wirklich aber ich wollte ihr halt ein etwas ausgeglicheneres Team geben
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