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[Beast] Eyes open, girl!
When I was young and naive, I went into the Vale of Whispers on a dare. Well, it wasn't so much a dare as a stubborn idea on my part to prove my worth to the other pups and spite the poor adults tasked with my care. I heard so many stories of ghosts and monsters, but none did I scoff more than Himinnsormr, the Serpent of the Mists. A giant serpent that could swallow pups whole? Ridiculous. Yet I was a fool, and it didn't take me a few hours before I couldn't see past my nose in the dense fog. I found my patch blocked by a log, but as I put my foot on it to hop over, it pulsed and wiggled. I looked with horror to notice this log had scales, and I quickly turned around to find myself face to face with Himinnsormr herself. 

I likely would've been made into another ghost in the Vale if it weren't for Hrókr. He never told ne, even long after, what he was doing in the Vale that day. But while I stood frozen, he leapt out of the mists, ready to defend both of us. That was his first lesson in combat for me, he had to make sure I was worth saving. And he never let me live that day down; for initially standing still when I should have ran, or at least had given the serpent a fight before my inevitable death. He was younger then, not fully grown himself and yet I would discover later he still had a lifetime of secrets. Most of the things I didn't know about him then, I still don't know today. Our story didn't end with Himinnsormr, but considering everything that did happen, there were some days I wished I was left at the mercy of that snake

Official Felvarg ImportHrokr 1622
Applicable Bonus(es): N/A

Official Felvarg ImportMarja 4141
Applicable Bonus(es): N/A



Well this took way too heckin long. I redrew the initial sketch at least five times trying to get the
look that I wanted, and I'm still a little scared now that the background won't be enough to qualify, but to heck with it.
I'm trying to get some storyline going, if it wasn't clear the text is from Marja's perspective.
The timeline is already a little bit wonky, but I think the more I get out for her, the clearer it will become. 

Also, I'm on a roll. 
Trash Dove on a Roll (not my art) 
That is all.
[Fishing] Just be patient...
Fishing Form 
Link to import/ID#: ID#4141 Marja
Link to Tracker: Marja - Tracker
Activity: Fishing
Additional Bonus Items:
Explorer - Provides a small chance to return an additional adventure item while participating in other activities.

Just something I've been working on while I've been bored. This is my other new Fel girl, Marja. I have a whole story planned out for her, but this is just to get the hang of her and getting back into the swing of things. 
I love Norse mythology, I really do. But the fact that so many white supremacy groups have turned basic Norse symbols into hate symbols make being able to enjoy it really hard.
[Quest] Halfway there
Quest Form
Link to import/ID#: ID#1622 Hrokr
Link to Tracker: Hrokr - Tracker
Activity: Quest
Additional Bonus Items:

This is the first piece I've done in a while, and I'm not the happiest with it, but hey it's a start. Also, I'm really getting into Felvargs and I'm hoping that this is going to jumpstart my activity on this site again. 
Look who's risen from the dead!!!!!! (It's meeeeeeee.....)

Yeah, so sorry for the random and sudden disappearance 3 months ago (or is 4 now?...5?...Oh shit it's been 5 months...) Anyway, I should give an explanation as to what happened and where I've been and what may or may not happen from here on out. 

So I initially disappeared because my computer that had all my drawing software on it completely crashed. It took about a month for it to get back up and functional again, but by that time the college semester began up again. This year has been especially hectic, I've had some serious trouble with roommates and classes and extra activities, and I lost all motivation to actually draw. The more I look back on those months, the more I think I suffered from untreated depression. As much as I love my DotW characters, I abused them in my absence and didn't have any motivation to keep up with them, so I fell out of DotW due to lack of activity. 

Fast forward to now. Most things are better, school especially. I'm getting involved in writing for journals and other academic conferences, along with competing on an incredible speech team, so that's really helped. The less time I spend at home, the better to be perfectly honest. I still don't have much free time, but as of late I've been rather restless with my art and I want to get back into it. At this point, I'm still debating whether or not I want to get put on the waitlist for DotW again. I miss the community and my characters, but my biggest fear is that I'm going to slip again. I honestly didn't do a good job of keeping my commitments the first time around. So if I do, I'm only going to keep one character for a while (probably Rholdar; even though Perdy was my first, I like Rholdar's personality the best and I never got the opportunity to interact with him and develop that type of character). But again, this is a big if and I'm not sure if I can, if I get back in at all. 

So yeah, that's where I'm at. I honestly don't know exactly where I'm going to go with DA now. I've been on here for over 5 years now, and I don't really know my "place" if that makes any sense. Art has always been a hobby of mine, and it's a hobby that's being beat out by my other activities and pleasures. So at times I feel like I've "outgrown" DA, or maybe it's outgrown me, but I do get this strong pull back to the community. I don't really know where I'm going, but I'll keep trying.


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