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Fanart commission of Nightmare Zero and Iris from the Megaman X series for :iconemperorbassexe:
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Guess it's debatable which is stronger, the Nightmare Armor or Black Armor(I think, never played Command Mission). Also, I thought Iris died and Zero wondered WHAT HE WAS FIGHTING FOR!!! Well, at least he found love again in the Zero series(at least if you are with those shipping, and there're two shippings for him in that series).
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Edit: I would like to say I know the armors name isn't Nightmare Zero(that's from X6), it's Absolute Zero. I said Nightmare Zero because it looked like that's what the armors name would be and I haven't played or seen much of X: Command Mission at the time I made this comment. Also because that's what SaburoX calls him in the description, so there's that(guess you can say he also got what he said wrong). Would also like to add about robots being pregnant thing. I don't see it as pregnancy, I see it as fat(it makes more since then, trust me, it does. doesn't make sense either way, but whatever). Why? It just looks more like fat than pregnancy to me. Yeah, there's the bumps on her belly, but it still seems more like fat to me. Is there anything wrong with that? No, her belly's huge either way(I just like fat more, don't like having the babies involved). Man, I've said before that I can't make a comment without it being at least 1 paragraph and up to 7 paragraphs, and that statement still stands.
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Ever heard of parallel universes

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He could pop her perfect size belly with his sharp nails! If her belly is full methane gas, his pilot light for rocket suit could light it, & destroy him too!
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I love the little Eep!
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For anybody wondering, that is Zero in his Absolute Zero armor from Megaman X Command Mission below Iris.
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I recognize Iris, or at least I think it's Iris, but I don't recognize who that is holding her up. Who is he?
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It's Zero in his Absolute Zero form from MegaMan X Command Mission.
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Again, an excellent piece:clap::D
vladplasmes's avatar it even possible to get that big?
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So, are reploids.... what.... biological?

Could never wrap my mind around them needing to eat, or having so much skin, or.... reproducing.
In my mind they were like Star Trek's Data in construction, but with fewer biological bits.

I mean, plain old Megaman was a robot, yeah, but he was made by a lonely old man who wanted a son, so it stands to reason he'd look like Astroboy. Data had the same backstory, android son of a lonely old man.

All the Robot Masters being humanoid, well, they were just the icing on the Wily cake, since that man turned everything he could think of into a robot and sent it to conquer the world.

I need to stop talking...
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I'm sure we could start a huge discussion on this, but my general understanding is that as the Megaman (Robot Timeline) franchise progresses, humans and androids start to merge. It starts with humans and robots, then humans and reploids, and ends in the Legends era where they've either merged into, or are replaced by, one race of cybernetic beings called the Carbons.
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Makes sense.

For the briefest moment back when MMX5 came out, it seemed like the entire expanded universe clicked.

Wily created Zero, though must have never gotten to use him, and transferred his mind into Zero via the virus. Zero damaged, Wily virus goes into Sigma, corrupts him, but can't work properly without Zero's Wily-designed systems. Virus devolves into Maverick virus, gives Sigma an uncontrollable urge to get back Zero's body.
Sigma crashes a space station into Earth, ruining it. Still defeated, even after restoring the Wily virus into Zero's systems.
Earth still ruined from space station impact, reploids only things able to survive on-planet. Gradually become more advanced, merge into carbons, like you said.

Of course, now all of that is out the window...
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There are better ways to waste your time than by trying to make sense of the overall Mega Man canon. Like figuring out the Zelda timeline!
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In the time that it takes one to finish, they could've become a CEO.

Try the Sonic timeline instead.
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Don't tempt me!
Pointy ears trump robots any day.
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Do it! Do it!
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Ah, wait. I just checked. By ZX they've merged into a "humanoid" race. Then in Legends they're Carbons.
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