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Alrican Milkmaid

By SaburoX
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An idea inspired by ryver8 's Marshmallow Hell. It's not any one in particular, but a character that could potentially exist in that setting.

She ended up substantially more moe than in the original pencil sketch I did; I was aiming for Disney Princess but landed somewhere in the realm of a  Precious Moments figurine. But I don't necessarily think it's a bad thing. Special thanks to ChounyuuSquid for putting up with my constant begging for advice on how to fix her pose.

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I think what might have helped here is making the eyes take up a wee bit less of the face it'd make it look less loli. But overall what confused me the most at first was where was her other foot.

quirkyplans's avatar

Heh, this maiden is just busting with cuteness~ :3

Trigun1462's avatar

Didn't know you did loli

SaburoX's avatar

I don't. I just screwed up and gave her a case of babyface.

She's at about what an adult height should be compared to the cow.

Trigun1462's avatar

Guess I don't know cow heights then cause I thought a human was the size on one or a little shorter

SaburoX's avatar

Yeah, the average dairy cow has a head height of about 5'5", so she'd actually be over six feet if not leaning forward. I really screwed up the scaling on this one something fierce.

Trigun1462's avatar

It looks fine just an oppai loli I mean do you have something against oppai loli? If not don't fret about it you'll get it right next time :)

Snap1994's avatar

Something tells me the cows aren't there to be milked. Ha ha!

unterwomc's avatar

I want to milk these milk tanks

Elephantking89's avatar

There's an idea, traveler on the road finds one of those hidden mountain valley places where all the women are gigantically busty but not everything is as it seems.

EvilSandwich's avatar

Has ryver8 seen it yet? I feel like he would absolutely adore it.

GypsySquid's avatar

Lovely. ^^

And it wasn't begging, come on now. Nothing wrong with asking for a second opinion, y'all know I sure as hell do constantly. :V

chasbanner's avatar

Lovely background too.

GIJohn's avatar

The strongest wheelbarrow :3

Such big eyes owo

tiamatnightmare's avatar

You can only guess you knew needs milked worse

Jarrahwhite's avatar

Which one's the dairy cow?

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