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Journal Entry: Sun May 16, 2010, 1:03 PM

Hi there!

As you can see, I'm (or i try to be) a Artist, and if you came all this way to my profile, you just like my drawings, or you are interested in a commission.

If you are the first kind of visitor, feel free to see, download and comment in any of my pictures.

If you are the second kind, you will find some information you may need down here:

* Payment via PayPal or Western Union.
* My work is all digital so i won't send any original.
* My pictures have 2480px Width by 3508px Height, 300 DPI.
* My commissions may last up to two or three weeks to be finished after the draft is approved, but is usually faster.
* All the rights of the image stays with me.
* All commissions will be posted in my gallery, except the ones that the client ask so.
* I do only corrections on the draft, after the coloring has done i don't change anything.
* The payment is full upfront.

For Information about prices and any other question, just drop me an e-mail at with the description of what you want.

Thanks for your visite.

(Oh! Great part of my work is directed to adults, you can see then here… but as i said, ADULT CONTENT!!!)