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Flash Lip Sync Tutorial

By Sabu-Kudo
Cuz I felt like it.

took me like 7 hours, too.
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MarrilMcBlazen's avatar
Thank you!!!! I am making a music vdeo on Flash and I almost got insane trying to find the option to put sound on sync with the image. "Stream"!! That was the secret! <XDDD
rebel28's avatar
This is one good flashy flash flash tutorializationing of doomy flashness
ThisAccountIsDead462's avatar
Oh. My. God.
You are my saviour!!!!! I've been looking for this for almost a year now!! No kidding! Thanks sooooo much. This is faved!!!
ferretlover9's avatar
thanks 8D this really helped!
Oscer's avatar
I was wondering, what would be a reccomended flash program to purchase???
jordanakatsukipein's avatar
you really have helped me thank you
juliancheese's avatar
thank you, this helped me a bit.
missing 'ch' 'sh' sounds. but it doesnt really matter. those who need those sounds will probably be able to figure on their own. ;) great tutorial. easy to understand without needing me to download a bunch of stuff. haha. cookie? :cookie:
BlahMan179's avatar
It's pretty much the same as the c, d, g, k, etc. position...
StrawyBlood's avatar
Can you help me with this??
When Im moving the playhead over the layer of sound, the sound doesnt play... O_o
a month ago it worked fine but when I opened today, the sound didnt play when I move the playhead over it U__U
SexxiVexxi's avatar
oh my gosh thank you so much 8D :hug: ^^
Faitherix's avatar
very useful thanks. I see someone asked this but I want to clarify. You use 10 to 15 frames per second, right?
Sabu-Kudo's avatar
Usually. I think professional animation runs at 12 fps (half of 24, film's usual frame rate), but I usually just do 10fps.
Faitherix's avatar
thank you very much ^^
BagelHero-Works's avatar
...Can you help me with the audio?? I can't get it to play...
Sabu-Kudo's avatar
The first thing that says "The audio that I will use in this tutorial can be found HERE" doesn't work because it was deleted from my website, but the audio in the flash animation (with the big red button) works fine for me.
BagelHero-Works's avatar
Well, I mean getting it to play in flash, I used my own audio in place of the one that you linked to. .___.;
Orbitdum1's avatar
Didn't need the tut but checked it out anyway. I was curious however, what frame rate you use?
Sabu-Kudo's avatar
I think I used 15 fps. It was either 10 or 15.
strangesheep's avatar
wow thanks :D
ill be using this in my flash animoots now if you dont mind ^^
Zapinc's avatar
Thanks, your lip sync tutorial will assist me in my coursework AHAHAH!!!!
RDeis's avatar
None of hte links owrked for me.... T_T
Sabu-Kudo's avatar
Well, the tutorial is over a year old, and the files eventually were deleted from the website that they were on. So, I don't know how to help you there. I doubt if I even have them on my computer anymore.
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