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Pokemon RageFace Stickers
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Published: March 10, 2012
All printed out and ready to be sold! Have a look here to see how big they are and which ones made it to print!


They're 2 bucks each, but it's cheaper to buy them in bulk. You can get 6 of them for 10 dollars Canadian - just note me!

Disclaimer: I am not the original creator of the Rage Faces featured in this image. They are simply creations inspired by internet memes. All likenesses of the Pokemon featured belong to Pokemon and Nintendo. I am, however, the owner of this artwork, and expect due credit when anyone should choose to share this work.


- Gyarados 'not bad' / Obama face
- Voltorb 'okay'
- Geodude 'Y U NO' face
- Snorlax 'Sweet Jesus' face
- Mr.Mime 'dealing with a badass over here' face
- Charizard as Philosoraptor
- Gengar 'bitch please' Yao Ming face
- Mewtwo 'shoop da woop' face
- Pikachu 'Rage Guy' derp face
- Squirtle 'NO' face
- Charmander me gusta / Gustamander
- Bulbasaur as trollface
- Prof. Oak as 'Condescending Wonka'
- Cubone as Forever alone / Forever a bone

Comment and lemme know which one(s) you like best! I'll print big 3''x4'' scratch & weather resistant vinyl versions of the most popular, and a sheet of small ones that remain.

If you're interested, note me with your name, and the ones you would potentially want. I won't take payments or send them right away, but once they've been printed, I'll exclusively give you the heads up!!


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Comments (287)
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Wow so Wow Bravo BravoClap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap 
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MatthewGo707|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Feels like pokemonsta
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ClownTown64|Hobbyist Artist
Mewtwo: Imma firin' mah Psystrike!
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DarkBrawlerCF1994|Student General Artist

I love Trollbasaur.


Perfectly sums up its' usefulness in X & Y against all them Fairies. (And Grass Types, too)


Problem, Fairies?

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cowmaiden|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Raichu la plz Bulbasaur la plz Mew La Plz Lickitung :la: plz Gengar la plz Cubone La Plz Alakazam La Plz Squirtle Cyndaquil la plz dewgong la emoticon Sylveon La Luxray La -DPwolf victini la emoticon Jirachi la emoticons DittoLa La-Pokeball Emoticon Pokemote: Absol 
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voltorb. voltorb is the best one.
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I thought the internet agreed Philosoraptor's Pokemon equivalent would be Archeops?
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Sabtastic|Professional Digital Artist

I don't think Archeops is as well known as Charizard though, so I think my logic was to try and stick with Gen 1.
Thanks for the heads up!
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No problem!
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TorchicOfTheSky|Hobbyist General Artist
Aw random!
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Awesum74|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is hilarious!!!
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xXunovianXx|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, can I use your Charizard Philosiraptor meme for an animal advice meme?
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Sabtastic|Professional Digital Artist
Go for it!
If possible, though, could you mention where you found it, though?

Thanks. :3
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pheonix-gray|Hobbyist General Artist
im pretty sure animeme will get their hands on philosozard and they never ask permission or give credit to the creators save for the animators
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xXunovianXx|Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's for the group Pokeumans, btw, so visit the group if possible. It's pretty big and succesfull.
Link: [link]
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Hilarous, I love your work!
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BummerForShort|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ha! The Gyarados finally got to me.
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HikenoAce|Student Traditional Artist
awesome!! XD I liek your choice of mewtwo! this is just genious!
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TheIrishTiger|Student Traditional Artist
one of the best ideas i have ever seen lolXD
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Ahaha! This is great!
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