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Mystique Pinup

My first pinup piece of 2016! 
Decided that it was about time I do something from the Marvel / X-Men universe, so who better than Mystique!

This piece, like many of my pinups has been heavily based on a classic Gil Elvgren pinup (entitled "Darlene").

Ca43fd13fa0b37f79f3dff32399afff4 by Sabtastic 

I absolutely adore the way this artist renders his women and arranges his poses - so I learn a lot from imitating his works and making them into something slightly different. 
My goal for the next year is to move away from copying his work so closely -- I'd like to capture the style and essence while still making it my own. 

Hope you like it! <3
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Very interesting! A different way of looking at Mystique. The thumbnail really drew me in!
I do know the source material, too, so perhaps that's what drew me in, too, to see this classic pin-up in a new way.

The details with the skulls are really great, and the colors are awesome. The transparency of the nightgown is nice.

The only negative for me is her face– it's pretty face but it doesn't look like Mystique, but much more like the original model painted blue and red. Perhaps you wanted to create your own Mystique, but in the comics her face has this certain stylized quality, and I think the piece would look even better with that.

Nevertheless, it's a fun digital painting and riff on a classic piece and I'd love to see more! Nice work.
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Vision
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I am going to start right away with the issues. The pinky finger on her hand is at such an angle that it looks more like a thumb. Its a little to thick at the base. The palm blends into the pinky instead of coming to a sharp angle. There is also a little bit of glow on her right leg and left heel. I am not sure if that is supposed to be there, although it is not too noticeable. Unless you are like me and are looking at every inch of this thing.

That is about as much as I can say about negatives. The idea is really cool. It looks really amazing and you have done a great job of recreating the style. I love the details of adding the skulls. You have outdone yourself with this one. Keep them coming. It would be cool to see other comic/sci-fi characters done in this style.
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Marilyn Mystique
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Lovely! Kind like an old-fashioned pinup, like Marilyn Monroe.
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I'm reminded when Mystique in the movies would say "Do you think I'm beautiful" when she reverts to her true self.
In my mind I keep saying "yes," and now she is posing provocatively and she looks good.

I like.
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Really nice work, she looks awesome! I'm not good at critiques, and I read what "Athane" wrote and his points were fair but overall the piece is excellent.  Great work!
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It looks amazing Sab, 
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Wow Great job on this!
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This is really cool. :D

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Beautiful BEAUTIFUL work.
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