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Baby's Guardian Angel

By Sabtastic
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:heart: =D ISNT IT CUUUTTTE?!?!?!!? :heart:

lol I don't think i've ever really drawn anything that reflects my religion and all, but i'm glad i did in this case----b'kuz this turned out to look SO ADORRABLE!! :deviation: hehe

Took forever to draw, but I couldn't have put more effort into it kuz it's for my mom. :hug:

Just in time for easter too! yeaa!!! :horns:

--oh, lol and just so i don't get busted for this later --- I got the idea for this pic from :thumbsup: --It's a great site for inspirational pictures to look at when you can't come up with anything yourself. [link]


The ~wallpaper-club has my permission to post this image in thier gallery.
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Aww it’s so sweet!
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I someday wish this to be in my life... I lost my only son, my first born child, back in June... I recently had a dream about another little boy, I just know it was my son's future little brother. When I have him, I know my son will be his guardian angel :heart: This picture is beautiful, thank you for posting
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That is beautiful
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Awww! This, by far, is the cutest drawing I've seen with baby Jesus! Lovely! :heart:
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I bet all the angels wants to hug Him!!!
You are featured in my monthly feature!
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i always wondered what an angel babyt looks like
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You have been featured here
if you dont like let me know
and I'll remove asap
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Never be ashamed of drawing how you feel, especially if it involves your faith...

Even if it appears you never show your faith in your artwork, you are turning the chaos of the materials you use into an orderly work of art. In itself it is a quite a spiritual thing to do.
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I agree! :nod:

I kinda feel bad for not having more of these in my gallery though.. You'd really never be able to tell where I stand on religious beliefs by just browsing through my gallery.

Thanks for taking the time to leave such a nice comment! :D
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Its always fun to drop the surprise on an unsuspecting Atheist Militant... Besides, you can reach people more through a subtle approach like Doug TenNapel does (he wrote Gear, Earthboy Jacobous, Creature Tech and few other really good graphic novels and comics... of course you might already know that though!).
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Yeah. ;P
Subtle approaches are alot less awkward and .. I don't know. lol
I've been surrounded by people who try to force their religion on others for almost my whole life, and sometimes I feel like I can't be myself around them! XD ---I hate it! lol

..Well, I don't hate them, but you know what i mean, eh? lol
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I've been around some of those folks too... I just point out bluntly that they're approach to evangelism has a lot of flaws. You can't just say you know the truth, you have to reason with people to point out the Truth! You have to be able to live by that Truth, flaws and all!

I've been able to reach a lot more people in the military that way versus the direct approach (i.e. Bible Thumping!). Some of my art is religious, others of it is science fiction, and yet others is of the military nature... Its always good to get people to ask questions about what they don't understand in a piece of work. I've found that leads to a philosophical discussion of great value, and occasionally someone sees the value to my religious belief because of it, and once in a great while, they become more curious and that leads them down the road to the God (even if it doesn't lead them to my particular church! I'm not worried so much about that...).

So I've never been out there filling a religious conversion/missionary quota that some churches seem to espouse or some ministers attempt to guilt trip people into attempting fill. I've (maybe) lead one person to God in my lifetime, I've (maybe) lead one or more to search for God... Who knows, I figure I'll know when I die and God lets me know in person! He knows I care!
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Agreed! :D

If I think back, I don't think I've really led many people to God, but I've definitely cleaned them up from being hopeless drug addicts and some other things that didn't do them much good.. I'm hoping they were at least influenced by my beleifs..
My mom's really into bringing random people to church too--- lol
I don't think it's really the best way, but she loves the company.. :3

So you're in the military then..??
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I was military, as of July 1, I joined the ranks of Veterans after almost seven years of service! I must say, those have been the best (and worst!) years of my life! Now its on to other things for me. Right now staying at home taking care of my son until I figure out what I want to do when I grow up and what I want to learn so I can use my GI Bill for school...

Nobody really knows for sure how many people they bring to God... After all, some people will flounder back and forth... and its they're decision ultimately and all we can do is offer our advice and pray they take it (even if its twenty years before they do!).
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Huh. ---sweet. :)
I used to be in Army Cadets ---(lol) But that was crap.. I was expecting alot more from it. lol
They promised that we'd be going on alot of outings / to shooting ranges and what not---but in the year and a half I went to it, I did that like once. lol ^^;
Plus, I joined a little late, so the people in my age group were all a rank or two higher than me ><

The people there were okay, I just had overly high expectations I guess..
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Beautiful work. Wonderful job.
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That's so CUTTEEEE!!!!!! AWWWWW. At first I thought it was the baby's Jesus' guardian angel. Awwww. This is so cute. I have to fav it!
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Aw :3 Thanks!

It means alot! :hug:
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NICE one!! FAV+
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