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Baby's Guardian Angel

:heart: =D ISNT IT CUUUTTTE?!?!?!!? :heart:

lol I don't think i've ever really drawn anything that reflects my religion and all, but i'm glad i did in this case----b'kuz this turned out to look SO ADORRABLE!! :deviation: hehe

Took forever to draw, but I couldn't have put more effort into it kuz it's for my mom. :hug:

Just in time for easter too! yeaa!!! :horns:

--oh, lol and just so i don't get busted for this later --- I got the idea for this pic from :thumbsup: --It's a great site for inspirational pictures to look at when you can't come up with anything yourself. [link]


The ~wallpaper-club has my permission to post this image in thier gallery.
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Aww it’s so sweet!