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"Thank you for 
the lama badge

But fuck you and your
lama badge"

This is the general message that
will show up on your profile, of course
outfitted with variable additions. 

Please try to understand 
I don't want it and I don't need it.

If by some miracle of the universe
you found something i work on even slightly
interesting, please, Just...tell me.
a single "Your work is kinda nice"
will be enough to propel me to heavens. 
But when it comes to Lamas, there's a saying: 
"One man's compliment is another man's insult."

I hope you understand, 
thank you

The Cosmic Armor (Type P1)
Oh, third one eh?
Let's see how this goes...

"Before committing further to explanations of stories and drawings,
I'll be frank. Chronicling was never in my nature, just as translating thoughts into colors and shapes.
As of these stories, my experience was still lacking, just like my artistry, both of which needed to be honed.
Before delving further, it probably would be wise to introduce at least some pieces of protective gear
issued to the members of my organisation.

The "P1 Cosmic armor" is as dull and as basic as one can get,
unintentionally designed for those who generally didn't put much attention
to the exterior of their suits (I.e the opposites of my boss) and paid less attention to combat.
It is sown using the self-sealing fabric and built to provide collateral circulation of air, should
the integrity ever be compromised.

The head and neck, the torso, the lower body and the boots, are connected 
via three sets of "Main ejection ports," rings of metal that interlock hermetically.
The "Optional ports" are also known as "Emergency removal bands" which 
are situated on both of the arms, serve as means to detach sleeves
in cases of emergency. The process is accomplished via a set of chemicals
primed by the "Emergency Igniter" right above the "bands." The resulting chemical
reaction literally burns the sleeve off.

On the far end of the dominant sleeve, on the valley
between the phalanges of one's thumb and pointy finger, is a "Secondary control panel" 
a diamond-shaped, miniature computer, designed to perform a magnitude
of actions, ranging from establishing communications to performing system-wide diagnostics.
It is present as a backup in case the issued, nano-technological touch pad is not available. 

On the chest, we have a "Diagnostic screen" with the user's initials
engraved above it. This one serves primarily to display the state of the suit
and the person inside.

Oh, but of course, the tentacle sockets! 
You don't want those pretties to be exposed, now do you?

To allow increased agility
the back of the suit is dotted with separate,
segmented, oxygen tanks, that form
an incredibly complex "collateral circulation" of flexible vessels
insuring that the air is delivered, even if, multiple
the segments are compromised. They converge into the
back of the helmet, also via multiple vessels.

Also, the ring between the torso and the pelvis
is dotted with magnetized sockets for insertion of
the specific "Fibrous containers," elastic bags, capable of 
encasing a myriad of peculiar objects, with their
single solid constituent being used for the insertion.  
Regarding the second drawing, I simply
tried recreating the moment of my past, whilst
also trying to demonstrate the P1 in a different shade. 
Back then, I was sifting through my Nano-pad's interface
when i suddenly noticed a planet, assuming drastically different
colors under its two orbiting stars. 

I wondered who's the inhabitant of that peculiar world."

Another needlessly long text, eh?
Funny how I constantly have alcohol by my side
whenever I choose to upload.

Tonight is the sweet, sweet wine-liquor.
Cheers! And thanks! 
The Great White Void
what the hell is *this* doing here?

" The White Void. 
The collector of souls 
The eternally fleeting canvas
The space where the mind reigns supreme

I am no stranger to discoveries that are dangerous, disturbing, sometimes downright bizzare.
However, experiencing happenings that quite literally defy all logic and explanation, are a rare occurrence.

Delving face first into the unknown was always my specialty, and turning down a chance
to observe an important piece of my ancestry's creations first hand, would have been foolish. 
The ancient manuscripts described this existence as "A world, handcrafted to fit the souls of those
who forfeited their mortal shells, to adorn them with new flesh and to build the world 
around their frame of mind." Heh, I guess someone took "A person's mind is a world of its own" to a different level.

After a couple of hours of tiring preparations, finally, there I was, staring an arch, slightly wider and taller than me, the "Gate," while I firmly clutched an artifact,
a "Key" in my hand, perfectly aware that these following steps could be final. Closing my eyes, I dug my hand into the collar of my tightly sealed "Scaphandre" and pushed forward.

The blinding white light bled through my eyelids, after finally mustering up strength to take a peek.     
The image was frankly baffling. Instead of the traditional world, engulfed in dark matter
A completely pale, white space, dotted with celestial bodies of every conceivable shape and size, stared back at me.
It all seemed so soothing, so calm, so peaceful, yet at the same time, so cluttered and complex, and all of it was created by a sentient, mortal being!!!  
Yours truly was simply bombarded with excessive amount information, forcing him to immediately go back
through the very Gate he appeared from.

I want you to know, that as of this entry
My organisation has already conducted multiple expeditions.
Let me share a fraction of what we uncovered:

According to the research, most of these bodies house
a single individual that has absolute control over every particle 
encased within their respective planet's atmosphere. 
Should that creature meet its end, the world they govern falls apart, dissipating into
space dust (I don't really want to delve in on how this info was acquired). 

A unique exception is that glowing object
that is shaped like a light bulb. It's body
and what we named "peripherals" (the squares) 
constantly alternate between that of Azure
and light purple, in a pulsating manner.
Due to these qualities and the fact that it is made 
out of plasma, I named it: "Solar Beacon."
The debris surrounding it may have possibly been someone's home.

However, such "Beacon" is not the only exemplar. We've
detected many such objects throughout the White Void
with slightly alternating features, such as the overall size
the variations of color, numbers of peripheral rows and so on.

The rest, such as the Synaptis, seemingly 
on the left of that Bi-colored star (which is actually hundreds or
thousands of kilometers apart), composed of viscous fluid
tethering two bodies with one another, is less extensively understood.
According to the reports, a team of researchers has been dispatched recently
to investigate that peculiar thing. 
Personally, i will be paying visit to that small planet, located between
two stars. 

One of the only questions that haunts my mind is regarding the true nature of the White Void.
Is it a parallel universe? Heaven? Or is it simply, probably trillions of light years away from our home
with the Gates used as portable transportation devises. Were such measures
used to hide it form something, or was it utilized to be as far away as possible
if something, such as its process of creation, went wrong?

This is turning out to be interesting...I wonder how hospitable
will its owner turn out to be."

My second work lads, Hope you enjoy.
Thank you for reading through this. And now I need a drink. Really bad. 

The Yellow Desert
Oooooh god damn it 

"Hmm, wonder how did this piece ended up so far back....

 "The Yellow Desert" a world of its own, an endlessly motile ocean of sand, an eternal, yet slightly incompetent keeper of secrets.
Incompetent? You may ask? Yes, indeed "incompetent" as I seriously doubt one could find structures that protrude from its surface, that lack any discernible
trace of their base or foundation, if it were "competent" enough.
 The smaller, less significant ones bear many names, examples of which include: a "Tower" or a "Talon." Most such exemplars do 
not posses any entrances, which is a reason why the locals either ignore or, rarely, notice and utilize the limited potential of these enormous objects, to their advantage.
 One of the unique examples, however, is the "Kubikii" a truly gargantuan structure, with an ironic name, literally meaning "Little cube." Its glowing circuits
can be seen all across the desert and beyond, with its bent position, throwing a nice shade, creating a roof for one of the more...civilized settlements.       
 From the information I gathered, the plane below Kubikii, is populated by all sorts of individuals, ranging from more banal merchants and common 
criminals, but also housing artists, explorers and even scientists, who work day and night on how to delve deeper into this behemoth of a building and
uncover its secrets. That's my destination. I hope the trip will run without needless complications and that this "sand tick," this quadrupedal transportation devise won't
jumble my works with one another.  

We'll just have to wait and see. I wonder how it looks up close."

I'll be honest with you. I really had to muster up a plethora strength
to get myself to upload this. I guess in a sense this is my second
anniversary of digital art and somewhat of a third one for physical one. 

I just hoped you enjoyed my piece and thought it was worth
to bear through the text, for which I am thankful.

And now I need a bloody drink. Glintwine tipped with vodka will have to suffice.  
"Thank you for 
the lama badge

But fuck you and your
lama badge"

This is the general message that
will show up on your profile, of course
outfitted with variable additions. 

Please try to understand 
I don't want it and I don't need it.

If by some miracle of the universe
you found something i work on even slightly
interesting, please, Just...tell me.
a single "Your work is kinda nice"
will be enough to propel me to heavens. 
But when it comes to Lamas, there's a saying: 
"One man's compliment is another man's insult."

I hope you understand, 
thank you




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