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not perfect

By SabrinaCichy
my lovely cindy :heart:
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it hasn´t to be perfect to look stunning..I think..:).BTW she looks cute..hehehe
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I love this outfit! The picture is also really good.
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she kinda looks like lindsey fonseca(:
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Simply and with taste)) I love it))
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Nice composition and tones. The model is a natural beauty too. I also love the title because I've always said that it's our imperfections that make us perfect in the eyes of somebody else. I always fall in love with a girl for her imperfections :)
JDfotos's avatar
I think it's a nice looking picture, and for sure a very beautiful model. but the pic is not that expressive. There are too many thinks which are disappointing me. For example her right arm, the rope on the right and in the right corner at the bottom the small hole in the board.
If you had positioned the model a little bit more left (models point of view) and the right arm at the screen of boards (we must see it) it would look much better. Our view wouldn't be controlled out of the picture and it would make the picture more complete.
sorry for my bad English!
Veeeery very nice pic, but the way the model's arm is cut by the frame is a bit strange for me. I mean, it attracts my focus on it, and can't see the picture as a whole. Sorry for fussing ... :S :$
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u noticed the title "not perfect"? :D haha
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she looks a lot like salena gomez.
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Your beautiful piece of art has been featured here: [link] :heart:
DragonlordPhoenix's avatar
Is there actually a better word than 'perfect' to describe both the girl and the picture?
seems being perfect =),,,love that photo
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some times being not perfect is perfect!
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she kind of looks like selena gomez 0.o bahaha
very nice
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Just letting you know that your amazing photo has been featured here (AGAIN!)
As one of my inspirations.... please keep up the good work!
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so , why isn't it perfect ?! :hmm:
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perfect picture :)
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oops.. ignore the multiple posts, my computer is messed...
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dude, your hair is like exactly what im trying to do with mine.. just needs to grow more, how do you do the beachy waves?
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