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heavy on my heart

funshooting after school with laurie :D wah.
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
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This shot personally stands out with a few others among this photographer's gallery. This portrait contains the perfect colours, nothing too advancing. The light is soft and not too harsh, highlight different parts of her body, like her shoulder and nose. The expression on the model draws people in, and the way the photographer's placed her inbetween the plants give her a sense of being softly surrounded.

Honestly, I'm not sure whether there is any room for improvement. Maybe the model's presence could be a little more impactful by tweaking at the level but that really isn't needed. I wonder what this piece would look like in black and white, or beige and nostalgic colours.

All in all, a really great portrait. <img src="…" width="15" height="13" alt=":heart:" title="Heart" />
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wah thanks for your honest critique :)
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So sweet ! =) add me , kisses from Spain. ^^

Nature pow <3
This picture is beautiful. I was wondering if I was able to use this picture as a character on a roleplay site. =]
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sorry this is not possible :/
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brilliant. beautiful shot
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I fell in love with this pic when I saw it. There is so much meaning and emotion that you can see and feel when you look at her. I feel as if I know where she is at that moment,
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wow so pretty! your friends are models!
A Picture of Innocence and Beauty
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oooh damn she is beautiful! :)
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ahhh! this is one is so original! so sober, and yet, so colorful! :wow:
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Amazingly bloody good :)
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again. sehr schon :D i really like how shes looking into the camera :D
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Very beautiful model :) nice shot!
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i think the contrast is a little bit too high, if it was lower, it would bring out more softness in the model's skin;

then i would see if i can bring detail in the white clothing, either by adjusting contrast or burning it in from the original file.

blank whites are very often a defect in an image because they attract attention of big voids; blacks are less important in this regard.

hope this helps. :-)
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Beautiful portrait. I love the fact that the brown colors in her clothing and accessories come back in her hair, and it matches the yellow in the background perfectly.

Great lighting, lovely angle. It's a beautiful shot! :clap:
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OH HONEY! i see a ` in front of your name <3 congratulations :heart:
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