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Enchanted flower

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Mountains always mean something to me, its a place where I feel free of daily worries. Whenever I have a stessful day or I just need to relax I imagine myself in some forest where I can see high mountains on the background and can hear the sounds of water nearby and I immediately feel better. It's like a power place for me XD

Do you have such a place for yourself ? (If yes, describe it, I would be interested to see :) )

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Me gusta muchísimo

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I also find solice in the mountains.

I live in alaska so there are no shortage of mountains, only problem is there are so many damn people hiking them all the time.

So i choose to pack up my truck, drive about three hours away from civilization and set up a small camp on the side of the road.

On clear nights, especially during the fall, you can see the stars really well, especially without all the light pollution. Occasionally, ill be treated with the sight of the noethern lights while im hanging out by my fire.

Theres nothing bettee to soothe your soul than sitting by the fire, stargazing, and listening to some chill music.

The picture you created is very very similar to what i experience in the fall on my trips.

Amazing artwork!

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Thank you for the kind words! I loove mountains and I have always dreamt of going to see Northern Lights, hopefully I'll see them someday soon :) You described it so well, I wanna teleport there right now! Alaska sounds amazing

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The Glowing Flower-Fairy being on the bottom stole my heart :heart: :+fav:

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I’m glad you like it:3
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I am always into a lovely starry night, the combination of the Aurora vibe and the mountain is amazing!!

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I’m glad you like it:) Thank you!

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It is so magnificent and realistic

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This is absolutely gorgeous! It kind of makes me think of Breath of the Wild. (The flower= silent princess. Mountain= Satori Mountain. Aurora Borealis= Lord of the wild. 😊) very pretty!

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Aww thank you so much :3

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The central flower gives me Ori and the Blind Forest vibes!

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Oh that game is so touching!
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I loooooove this 😍

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A gorgeous work!! :clap: !!!

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Never forget the might of the Lights.

They will always be with you, no matter what...

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this is amazing!

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