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Little Nightmares - Six

Just a little fan art for Little Nightmares, a lovely little game i'll play more than once.
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wih the picture is really good and it looks really real, oh yeah, I let you save the photo

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I love the way you drew the face!
Especially the eyes they're gorgeous ^w^
Futurasoul's avatar
this has to be the most cutest  piece of art of six I've ever seen! >w<  ~ <3
Blacksoulofdeath's avatar
Really good piece of art!
I really loved the game and just saying it was way too short... Q_Q
Adrolyn's avatar
She's so cuuuuuuute!
Yary55's avatar
Her face is visible here:) Aww^^ Cute :D
ChibiChick21's avatar
Little Nightmares! Love it! :)
LindieMalfoy's avatar
how do i like the drawing? im new to devianart .-.
Sabinzie's avatar
There is no like on DA, only favouriting. Welcome to DA. :)
jloves-pp's avatar
love it and the game
Gryffycake's avatar
I love how this looks:D (Big Grin) 
Galaxie-The-Fairy's avatar
Galaxie-The-Fairy's avatar
Oh i get it. Shes six years old
ChibiChick21's avatar
Actually, I don't know how old she's supposed to be. XD
otter-faerie's avatar
I love the blue backlight, so eerie and mystical!
ArtyCatNerd's avatar
O My Glob yas I love this game
Lifeisatale's avatar
I really adore this so much ! That Gnome is super cute 
DisneyMushroom's avatar
This is awesome! I love the gnome!
marziipanz's avatar
This is hauntingly beautiful!
icecheetah's avatar
I don't know about this game but I think I might have to check it out after seeing this.
KlaraRegina's avatar
Wow I love it! Great details, especially the eyes-they really stand out! 
It's such a great game. 
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