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Fox sketch

It's not as polished as i'd like, i'm just trying to get back in to my drawing.
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that aint no sketch o.o
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Cute! The fur is really nice
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Nice, good luck getting (back) into drawing!
If you were looking for places to improve, I think it'd be good to start with the wings. :)
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Nice fuzzy fur effect. :)
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THis is unbelievably beautiful! You've done so fantastically with this, I can't even. *hugs the angel fox*
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I call on fox.
Shapeshifter and trickster,
edge-Walker and messenger,
Help me blend with my surroundings
and adapt to the changing lanscape.
Show me the hidden path between the worlds.
Teach me the way of invisablity and camouflage.
Gift me your keen senses
that i might see more what is around me
and use it to accoplish my goals.
I call on you fox.
to bring magic and discernment into my life.
Lead me at you steady gait to those places
where i might do the greatest good.
Let us walk the borders between day and night
and follow the scent of divine mischief.
fox. I call you.
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