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Emo Kiss

HIi Everybody! :D I finished this collab in one day XD I just loved it soo much! <3

The Original Art is from : [link] :iconhidebehindthelies:

I hope you like it too! :D
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AnimeGirlforeva's avatar
First i thought it was Inuyasha tht is human with his natural hair and tht was kagome tht looks emo but its great
Lexaii's avatar
Lol, i'm glad I'm not the only who thought this was Inuyasha and Kagome ^^;;
xX-Kagami-Xx's avatar
I want to say it's inuyasha and kagome but I know I'd be wrong xD
WhitefangXShadowClan's avatar
can I use this? (you get credit)
luckymoon22's avatar
they remind me of inuyasha and kogome
misarayne's avatar
I was thinking the same thing!!!!
Are you sure this is Emo?
Forsak3nVampyre's avatar
I like it, but I like it more thinking thats inuyasha
any1 else get the vibe of inuyasha?
Forsak3nVampyre's avatar
I though it was inuyasha xD
kinooyoru's avatar
This looks great, has good texture to the colouring.
has a nice theme to be emo, but not overdone

Sefardim's avatar
Looks wonderful! I like it sooooooo much! :D
Sabinu's avatar
:D I'm soo glad you like it! :D Do they look emo enough?
Sefardim's avatar
Hm, no that much, or I wouldn't like it :XD:
Sabinu's avatar
Lol, okay XD They had to be Emo, well, it was what the line-artist wanted :P
Sefardim's avatar
They have style, yeah, don't worry ;) I was only joking :D
Sabinu's avatar
Lol, okay :D I was already scared XD I'm really glad you like it :)
Sefardim's avatar
Ohhh noes :XD: .... :hug: Sorry XP
DaemonDD's avatar
HideBehindTheLies's avatar
Good Job :D Barr heb je bijna helemaal goed nagetekend! Jelle ze haar was donkerbruin en ze'n vest zwart (en dicht, die 2 lijnen waren de snoertjes van ze'n headphones XD ) Barr der shirtje was gewoon zwart/wit geblokt :P
So overall, heb je het goed bewerkt o.o pijn photoshop is naar de kloten dus is nu weg. Hello pencils and markers! XD
Thanx for the interest <33
Sabinu's avatar
Lol, het was gewoon een gokje, allemaal :P Wilde hem eerst ook donkerbruin haar geven.. maar vondd ateen beetje saaitjes XD En ik wilde ze niet allebij zwart haar geven, dus het werd wit :P (lekker groot contrast :P) Ik heb wel wat lijntje enzo uitgegumd XD Ook Barr en Jelle.. (dat is toch neit erg he O.o)

Zou je het goed vinden als ik hem als print zou verkopen? :D Ik bedoel.. tis wel jou art.. anders kunnen wed e winst delen ;)
HideBehindTheLies's avatar
Jah is goed o_o maar wel eerlijk zijn dan he! I deserve that copyright!

And, they are not emo!! XD Okay, she is a bit, but he isn't... agh nevermind. =3
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