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Thank you very much deshrubber for the Daily Deviation feature.. Was soo not expecting that.

thanks everyone for dropping by my page and for all the lovely comments. I hope you all have an equally as fantastic Monday as I'm having! 
Just letting everyone know that I'll be going to the London Super Comic con and also Emerald City Comic Con. 

LSCC: 15-16 March
ECCC: 28-30 March

If any of you are there.. come and drop by and say hi ;) 
Hope you guys all had an excellent Christmas and holidays... and are looking forward to a great coming year. I know I am... I definitely have my wish list for next year and it of course includes plenty of post on Deviant :) 
Thanks for keeping me and my Deviant account alive and full of wonderful feedback and support. I enjoy reading all the comments and hope my imagination can inspire, entertain and give you some moment of enjoyment this coming year. 
Going to NYCC in a couple days! So excited! If anyone is going to it who follows me and likes my art work, come and drop by. Will have lots of lovely prints, and also a comic book that I drew called Theory Of Magic! Will be sharing the table with some other incredible people.. EBas, Dawn Mcteigue, JP Roth and Bluerainbow exclusives. You can find us in Artist Alley at tables Q1-Q3. 
I got premium membership. Thanks :iconpoisonvectors: for giving it to me. You are a true gentleman :)
:iconstorybook-club: Check it out! If you also do illustrations for kids books, it's a great group to join. :)
Was able to upgrade to CS4 recently and I'm really happy with it. As well as upgrade my graphics card to something that helps with some of the new features in CS4 to run smoother. :)

Anyway, just wanted to share that with you all, cus it makes me happy :D

Have a great day!
Been taking some time off.. it's been so nice. Will hopefully have more artwork to submitt soon. :)
What's with the avatar sabotage! Looks like someone has been up to no good. I'm apparently "Team GaGa".. heh!

Happy Fools day to you too Deviant :D
Watched the cartoon, Brendan and The Secret of Kells the other day, and really love the style it was done in. It was very different, but a nice different :). I loved how well the shapes of everything flowed so well with the movement and design of it.

Anyway all that to say Great job for those who worked on it!

Yay! I made it to 2000 views. I know it's a bit pathetic, but I'm thankful for every view. Thanks all of you who have been watching, I hope you're happy with whatever I create in the future!