Monte Carlo vs MB3D

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Same settings, two renderers... I still cannot make up my mind :)
I like both, but the in the MC-render the positional light is better (we have windows panes now , it seems ;) ), but it's much more grainy, while the MB3D-render is smooth but the positional lights are less spectacular.
Should I have let the MC run even longer? Changed settings?
And which one do you like better? And why? Your input would be very welcome!

Housing problem by Sabine62 MC Render (+/- 18 hours)

Housing problem by Sabine62 MB3D render (+/- 1.5 hours incl. reflections)
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I like the MB3D rendering better.
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Thank you very much for your opinion, Jonathan, much appreciated! :) I still think different about them every day ;)
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I didn't know about Montecarlo, I should investigate.
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If you have a LOT of spare computertime, do! :)
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I did a search yesterday but I couldn't find it. Is a plugin of MB3d or were I can downloaded it?
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Clipboard02 by Sabine62 It is in the menu at Utilities>M.C> :)
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Try to use 3 4 colors in an image vs white surfaces.
The white will absorb colors nicely in mc mode!
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It did very beautifully diffuse in a test, but then I had only 1 color. I will test again with more! Thank you for the tip, Luca! :hug:
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A secret.
Mc renders show the real potential in presence of strong lights/colors where they can be diffused and scattered uniformly :)
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I will try :) :hug: Thank you for your kind tips, Luca!
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Don't know these programs, but I like the first better, because of the colors and it is softer. I know this doesn't help ha ha ha :lol:
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An opinion is an opinion, Ingeborg, and always of value :) Even though I more and more prefer the second after all (though it's by no means perfect), the first still has some great advantages too: the softness of the light and the blues that really jump at you ;) And that is why I'll go on experimenting with the MC-renders... when I sleep or am on a short holiday ;)
Thank you! :)
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You must adjust light setting specially for the mc render switching-importing back and forth to the main window. Also it seems thatr the quality settings from the main window affect the MC render. Even my friend pointed me out that MC makes a very intensive use of the hard disk if you have checked the auto saving m3c file. :\
Of course it is a good idea to do small preview renders before jumping into eternal renders.
In my humble opinion is only worth to do when you have a lightweight scene you think is exceptional for you :)
Your image would need another 18 hrs or even more, cause it is still grainy. Good thing is you can stop it anytime and continue it where you left :)
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Thank you, Jorge! The light-switching is a great tip, I will certainly try that! I have done it only once or twice, but only because MC was moaning about wrong lights, I never knew it could  really enhance the lighting in MC after all :} Luckily I have always unchecked the autosave ;) Still, even though I have told  mb3d to run only normal priority, and I am lately overclocking my gpu now an then (YAY!!! Ronny the Fire Guy  ), but since it is cpu-based it still asks a lot from my computer when it runs. You must also be right about the quality settings. For this one above, I just downscaled the render to 800x600 while Raystep and Stepwidth were still at 0,08 and 0,3. More experiments are needed! :)
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Ik heb absoluut geen verstand van MB maar qua scherpte vind ik de onderste mooier!
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Ach, 'verstand van mb' heb ik ook niet (ik kan er wat plaatjes mee maken, maar dat is het dan ook), maar de bovenste vind ik korrellig!  En dat na 18 uur...
Dank je wel, Gerda! :)
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Ik heb helemaal geen geduld voor 18 uur lol. Dan had ik de render allang afgebroken!
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:nod: Ik ben erg geduldig... soms ;) Die MC render kan dus sowieso alleen maar als ik slaap of niets met fractals wil doen.
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Daarom dus lol. 
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Sometimes the result is much better in MC, other times it's worse.
I tried it on an old laptop, after two hours I can see the result more or less and choose the best.Meow :3 
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I think that is the most sensible thing to do. I have about the same experience as you, but I would so much love to know Why?! :) There must be something that makes MC is very sensitive to, when it comes to importing the settings from mb3d. Well, trial and error it is ;) Thank you, Domingo! :)
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da sich meine Kenntnisse von MB praktisch auf Null belaufen, kann ich nur bauchmäßig sagen, das mir das zweite besser (da kontrastreicher) gefällt als das erste (zu blass und irgendwie diffus) obwohl die glitzernden Fensterchen ja was haben.
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Ja! Bauchmässigkeit ist ja in diesem feld wohl die angesagte qualitätsnorm ;) Das oberste ist mir zu klinisch, nur die lämpchen retten es. Und warum ich mit denselben einstellungen zwei farblich/lichtmässig total verschiedene bilder bekomme... bleibt wohl vorläufig im dunkeln ;}
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