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Mandelbulb3D - Working with maps by Sabine 62



Just another mini-tutorial for whom it may be interesting :)

Update: I just received a very cool tip from :iconknot-a-typo: : It is ok to have maps with not only numbers in their filename, as long as they start with numbers (e.g. 401blueyellow). You can either select the maps by typing it's leading numbers or by right-clicking. I didn't know this, and I am very happy Chris pointed me to this feature. Thank you, Chris! :) YAY, here come meaningful(ler) map-names, instead of groping about blindfolded in that maps-folder! :}

Another Update!:iconundead-academy: reminded me that I did not at all mention one of the greatest means of fine-tuning the colours: The sliders Offset x, Offset Y, Rotation and Scale!. Thank you for sharing, Patty! :)
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