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Mandelbulb3D - Saving light settings by Sabine62

By Sabine62
Have been asked this several times, so I thought I'd write it up for download. No philantropism but down-right laziness Grin revamp
Please, should you find any fault with it, or have something to add, let me know.
Love to learn!

Update: Barbara PaMonk asked me how things work when using maps. I hadn't thought about that! Updated the PDF with extra info about that.
Thank you so much, Barbara :heart:

Update: Mario mario837 alerted me to the fact that if saving your light settings the name of the chosen light setting will show up next to the buttons with the folder and button and you can scroll amongst your saved light settings either by using your mouse wheel or with the cursor button on you keyboard. Thank you very much, Mario! :hug:

Update: Corrected another mistake after talking some more with Mario mario837. Found out that I never ever changed directories properly in the Initial Directories Grin revamp 
 Thank you, Mario, without your perseverance I would never have known! Love

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having your work featured here and in a couple of other groups and:
1st: 50 points
2nd: 30 points
3rd: 15 points
I have to say all entries were very close with just 1 or 2 points between them ;)
please congratulate your winners!!!
:trophy: 1st Place goes to: :iconmarijeberting: :clap:

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:trophy: 3rd place goes to :iconVelvet--Glove: :clap:
© 2015 - 2021 Sabine62
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Thank you again and again for this tutorial :heart:
Requested for DA-Creativity  :)
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You are a darling, thank you very much! :heart:
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Extremely informative. Thanks
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:) You're welcome, glad you think it's useful
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Thanks a bunch for this, Sabine!:D (Big Grin) Heart 
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A pleasure, Sheldon! :heart:
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So nice to know all that. In Wine, however I think there is a problem showing the menu, the preview images doesn't show. I didn't check before the scroll :D thanks

edit: I use M3Lights instead of Lights although I didn't set in the initial directories, I always edit the init file with notepad. 

This is capital and I didn't know:

When you save light settings when working with a map, the name of the map and it's location are saved within the light settings

Thank you again!
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Welcome, Alberto, I am glad you find it useful :)
Don't know about mb3d under Wine, had it installed here and rendering was soooooooooooo slow! I know that the drop down box will not work if you don't click the grey button in the Initial Directories I mentioned. I used to edit either the field or the ini-file, but neither works correctly I know now!
The little preview thumbs: they worked alright under Wine here... You have to unfold the lower thumbs with the little button with the arrow, though. Maybe you missed that? Otherwise, I really don't know :(
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You use mac or linux? Well, I don't feel is a slow rendering, but I can render more than 3 at the same time and also surf internet (I can't do that in a windows machine with 8 GiB ram), so I don't know really what is fault of Windows core, what Linux, wine, etc...

I will try to do that, will be great because I tend to not use very much the lights of other people because of this.
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I had Mint, but ditched it as too slow to run mb3d under wine. Back on windows now... 4 cores (3Ghz) but only 4GB. Under windows I can run 1 big high quality render and use computer as normal. I can render more but that will reflect on render times immediately. Under mint/wine single render took 2x as much time...
Jakeukalane's avatar
even with 4 cores :omg: well, maybe I am acostumed to those high rendering times and I didn't noticed. Although is true that I don't too much reflections or that my fractals are usually under 2000 px. In Windows the times are faster but I though it was because of the CPU, because all what I told you (also I have 2 cores, the windows computer where I go have 4).

I feel too unconfortable working on windows, though (saving dialogues, not a fast command line, not integrated fundamental tools), so for me is impossible to change to windows. 

I have pending a big render of a fractal mountain that I think will need a day...the rendering times goes up and up and up... I think I going to render in a weekend when I go outside of my home. Hope that don't lead to a memory leak and make the program crash.

I will tell you if the init changes solved the issue :)

btw, if you ever come back to mint, there is a perfect wallpaper Iced Mint by our friend batjorge Giggle 
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If you like you can send me your params and map (if you use one) and I can render it here?

I have a love/hate relationship with windows. I hate it's sluggishness, it's very bad command line stuff, the horrible dialogues you cannot escape from, and the fact that it never uses resources to their potential. Also I am a great promoter of open source. The other part of the story is that I have been a systems and application administrator of a big windows serverpark for many years, so I know my way with it. When I get a new computer (someday! with a big wonderful fast powerful MegaWatts-eating gpu that needs either a windtunnel used for aeroplane testing OR a small lake to keep it cool!) I have promised myself this current one will become a dedicated linux machine...

LOL yes, I know that one, it's marvellous, Jorge should sell it to the people that make mint :rofl:
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yeah!!! that is how i feel!! I control almost anything with keyboard (that was because I didn't have a proper mouse through 5 months and I even learn how to move the pointer of the mouse with the keyboard) the dialogues are really annoying. Also, I have so little space and with command line I have customized commands like "aw" that calls fslint in the current folder to know if there are duplicate files, or ultrapng that is a long optipng command line that optipnged all the png in a directory... yeah, those are little details, but in windows I would need to install not a CLI command but a graphic program with a lot of garbage and of course it couldn't be done with pressing (let me count...) 10 keys.

So nice to know all that, seems that we have shared interests :D computers / open source and ancient history :D

I understand, Windows is needed for many things in administrator area, although in an ideal world shouldn't be like that. I think that the wave is coming now from the other side, Linux is growing exponentially in everything, even in games.

I have seen a lot of new things that will lead to very low consuming machines in the future :dummy: Also, the new thargor development of Mandelbulb3D have Linux support? As I didn't know that Wine slowed so much the renders will be a blast to have a native M3D (I haven't never understand mandelbulber).

Yep. We have 1 computer with Windows but all is because is new and my parents don't want to break the guarantee also, I don't know yet /have time to proper install Ubuntu on it... also the Windows 10 is really an improve from Vista...

So, Windows have reentered our house, but since 2007 to 2015 our house was windows-free :rofl:

I think the license allow it, so maybe he could ask Mint people to include it. (what do you think batjorge ?) 
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Since I am on Manjaro now I wouldn't dare ask Mint people. Lost opportunity to get rich and famous... :moneyshower:
If they will include it then wonderful, absolutely nothing against it :dummy:
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Before I worked in IT I worked in electrical engineering as drafter/designer with AutoCAD. I had programmed Loads and Loads of little routines for the computer AND AutoCAD. Did everything with keyboard to have the mouse free for pointing and clicking in the drawings. But then all ran under dos, and nothing was sealed off. Now under windows you have to steal ownership of files from the system account before you can look in temporary files directories and stuff and you need to get temporary administrator rights every time to rummage in the program files-folder... All very safe and everything but it makes working with it a drama! I want to be BOSS over my system ;}

I really hope the new mb3d version will be portable :nod:

And I do not know if the mint/wine combination is the actual slowing factor of course, and it might just be a problem on this comeputer... No longer a server park at hand to do some testing;)
Mandelbulb can do great things but although the UI has improved enormously over the last year, I still feel somehow deaf and numb in it compared to mb3d... ;)
And as for the hardware, amongst others, 3d stacking seems the way forward...

Windows-free??? :D :rofl:

Still, render offer stands.
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Cool this is good to know also the updated part lol we are keeping you busy aren't we
Love what you do My dear sweet Lady.:hug:
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I'm so happy to have friends who help me out here, thank you again, dear friend! :heart:
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You are a good teacher, for all of us newbies Sabine.. :) Great tut!!!
It would be interesting, for someone who knows how, to explain where the global light is located, in relation to the image we see when we edit something,  and how we can see it, so we 'll be able to fine tune light angles..
Also it would be nice, for someone, to explain where we are located ( observers ) in the Mandelbulb 3d coordinate system and what Zstart, Zmid, Zend values mean.. 
I think that, all of these are basic knowledge and we must make these things clear to ourselves, so we can work easier..

Am i asking too much? :D (Big Grin) 
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