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Faith Seed (Far Cry 5) Papercraft by Sabi996 Faith Seed (Far Cry 5) Papercraft :iconsabi996:Sabi996 12 8 Faith Seed (Far Cry 5) Pre-Papercraft Model by Sabi996 Faith Seed (Far Cry 5) Pre-Papercraft Model :iconsabi996:Sabi996 6 4 Uncharted 4 - Elena Fisher (Home) Render by Sabi996 Uncharted 4 - Elena Fisher (Home) Render :iconsabi996:Sabi996 8 6 Elena Fisher (Uncharted 4) Render by Sabi996 Elena Fisher (Uncharted 4) Render :iconsabi996:Sabi996 6 10 Poison Ivy (Injustice 2) Papercraft by Sabi996 Poison Ivy (Injustice 2) Papercraft :iconsabi996:Sabi996 5 2 Poison Ivy (Injustice 2) Papercraft by Sabi996 Poison Ivy (Injustice 2) Papercraft :iconsabi996:Sabi996 10 6 Poison Ivy (Injustice 2) Papercraft WIP by Sabi996 Poison Ivy (Injustice 2) Papercraft WIP :iconsabi996:Sabi996 3 4 Nathan Drake (Uncharted) Bust Papercraft by Sabi996 Nathan Drake (Uncharted) Bust Papercraft :iconsabi996:Sabi996 8 1 Poison Ivy (Injustice 2) Papercraft + Unfold Info by Sabi996 Poison Ivy (Injustice 2) Papercraft + Unfold Info :iconsabi996:Sabi996 14 7 Rosalina Papercraft + Unfold Info by Sabi996 Rosalina Papercraft + Unfold Info :iconsabi996:Sabi996 13 12 Pikachu (Charizard Costume) Papercraft + DOWNLOAD by Sabi996 Pikachu (Charizard Costume) Papercraft + DOWNLOAD :iconsabi996:Sabi996 18 6 Vaas Montenegro (Far Cry 3) Papercraft by Sabi996 Vaas Montenegro (Far Cry 3) Papercraft :iconsabi996:Sabi996 13 10 Snow White Papercraft by Sabi996 Snow White Papercraft :iconsabi996:Sabi996 6 2 Solgaleo Papercraft + Unfold by Sabi996 Solgaleo Papercraft + Unfold :iconsabi996:Sabi996 21 18 Shadow Fiend Arcana Papercraft unfold by Sabi996 Shadow Fiend Arcana Papercraft unfold :iconsabi996:Sabi996 3 5 Rockruff (Pokemon) Pre-Papercraft Model by Sabi996 Rockruff (Pokemon) Pre-Papercraft Model :iconsabi996:Sabi996 31 10


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Well aloha, mi peoples.

I've been passive for the last month, the reason being that I moved, and started university, so I have noticeably less time for creativity (but I do have Mondays free :D).

I want to decorate my new apartment with some nice crafts. I brought with me : Zero Suit Samus, Harley Quinn, regular Minion, Mime Rabbid and the TFIOS diorama, and made Pinocchio and Xerneas while I'm here

I am currently working on a smaller version of my old profile icon, Steph. I have a work in progress picture uploaded here.

I have a couple of models on my laptop ready for building that I really want to build. Those include: Sam Fisher bust, Mime Minion, and Pumpkaboo, but there's no rush on any of them, since I have a few already printed out, like life-sized Eevee.

There are also some that are not quite ready. I've started remaking Lara Croft from TReboot into a bust, with progress being rather slow. Same goes for the Maid Minion. I want to make a sleeping Oshawott, and maybe a Foxy plushie from the Five Nights at Freddy's series. 

I want some nice crafts to put around the apartment. I want either realistic characters or well known characters, so no random Pokemon unless I really like them (Pumpkaboo). I want more human characters. I was thinking Captain America, but I'm not really sure. Any ideas??
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Faith Seed (Far Cry 5) Papercraft
Designed by :iconsabi996: (AKA Me :P)

The files are not shared publicly, no point in asking.

Finally finished with Faith! She took more than a month to build.

She stands about 95cm tall, and can stand with the help of a tiny piece of paper under her right foot. She could stand without the piece of paper before I added the flowers on the dress and the hair.

The foliage on the dress was awful. Especially the leaves. Each and every leaf is the same as the last one (only sizes differ), and I didn't want to mess their placement or pairing up. The daisies were difficult because they had tiny petals that I wanted to cut well (most of the way through). The remaining flowers were the best part of it all.

The hair was also a bit challenging. It came out a lot darker than I intended it to be, and a bit puffier, but it's no big deal. It's actually like a wig and I can take it off the model whenever I want.

The entire dress has a tulle overlay. I originally wanted it for the skirt only, but when i made it, the rest seemed empty in comparison, so I (clumsily and quickly) made an entire dress out of tulle for her. I do love the effect it has on the dress.

She actually has underwear and is built up to the waistband on the dress. The toes were a bit difficult to build, they are pretty small parts and I used 300gsm paper for the legs and feet, so the smaller pieces were really hard to fold and have very visible folding lines.

I actually gave her an open mouth and teeth. This is the first time I added such a detail and it was visible on the finished model.

I don't think this one will be released either, I wanted to make her for myself. I think the build could have been better, but i'm not complaining.

I also made a youtube video for her, which you can see here:

Any comments?
Faith Seed (Far Cry 5) Pre-Papercraft Model
Ripped and edited by :iconsabi996: (AKA Me :P)

The files are not shared publicly, no point in asking.

The first character in a while I wanted to make a papercraft out of (sorry, Kratos). Come to think of it, I haven't made anything relatively complex since Poison Ivy last summer (yes, it was summer when I built most of her) . I love the dress, I love the voice, and the backstory too. The frill/tulle part of the dress of course will be impossible to replicate in paper, so I will just attempt to cover the entire dress in tulle (excluding the waistband). The flowers will probably be a chore, since they are so small and there are a lot of them.

I was actually surprised to see that her body was modeled completely nude, with the dress and underwear just being put on top of her body. I didn't even notice any clipping ingame. The edited body is modeled up to the waistband (underwear and all), the rest is redundant.

For the first time since I started doing models with crazy hair, I actually added a simple 3d base for the hair, just so it would hide her head if I don't layer enough strips, and so that the strips would have a more similar shape to what I had in mind.

I am thinking the size would be similar to the Arkham Knight models I have, around 1m tall, but that is still not sure. Before I actually start unfolding, I have to think of a simple yet effective pose for her. The facial expression is already changed, so I am keeping that.

Any comments, pose recommendations?
Uncharted 4 - Elena Fisher (Home) Render
Files extracted by :iconsabi996: (AKA Me :P), tool for Uncharted 4 models and textures by id-daemon.

The files for this game come out outrageously huge. With the patches and base game content the game comes out around 90GB, and that is with all the compressed packages and audio. Speaking about audio I also ripped the version of "For Better or Worse" that is not on the soundtrack, that plays when Nate and Elena are driving from the elevator to New Devon. You can download it here:…

Elena gave me a lot of trouble. All of her parts and textures are in different packages. The textures were really difficult to find. For some things, like her eyelashes and eyebrows I used the multiplayer textures, which are half the size of the single player ones. The multiplayer models are also less detailed than the story mode counterparts. Again there are a lot of maps to apply, and I didn't use some of them here. There are probably a lot of textures for her that I missed. Even the list of textures for every model occasionally has an entry called "missingtexture". I don't know if that is a problem with the tool.

There are a couple of errors on this render. I forgot to change the texture of the ring, so it's basically hair now, and the detail map on the shirt is causing some trouble with the lighting.

The shirt texture is actually white, I'm guessing since it has several colors in the game it just gets colored dynamically. So I just took a random color and did it myself.

Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 3.

Another large close-up render can be found here:
Elena Fisher (Uncharted 4) Render
Model extracted by :iconluxox18:

This has to be my biggest render yet. I didn't use most of the maps included in the pack, mostly because I had no idea where to put them :D . And I'm fairly certain that I messed up the stitches on the shirt. I don't mind, she looks great.

As for the potential upcoming papercraft, I have to find a way to combine all of the maps to get a diffuse map that looks at least a little bit like this render.

But before I do I have a couple of projects I want to do, most notably finishing Light Arrow Zelda and Aquaman from Injustice 2.
Poison Ivy (Injustice 2) Papercraft
Designed by :iconsabi996: (AKA Me :P (Lick))

The files are not shared publicly, no point in asking (unless you built stuff from me and/or I told you to ask for what you want).

I am sorry about the belated upload(s). She was done about 2 weeks ago. I already uploaded a video to my youtube channel :

The vines were annoying. 7 times almost the same thing. The flowers were at least somewhat enjoyable, even if they were really small and printed on the wrong kind of paper. There's a flower missing, it fell off and I lost it somewhere (I was building outside). 

She has a lot of extra hair that was not originally on the model. As usual I printed 2 extra pages of hair texture to cut as I please. I am not exactly happy with the braid, but it's not always visible so I guess it's alright. Building the pitcher plants was kind of fun. It was not as difficult as I expected it to be, only the teeth were repetitive.

There are glue stains here and there, most of them on the base. The paper was so thick that I couldn't even bend it properly, so the tips of the vines are mostly white, and even when I could bend it the glue had some trouble keeping it together. I tried my best to mask some white spots with the smaller dark green vines going around the bigger ones. I can't say that I succeeded, but it looks relatively nice.

This is my favorite image I took of her.

Any comments?


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Yo, wazzup. I'm Sabi, from Serbia. I've been papercrafting for 7 years (+- a few months). I Have been a member of dA for 4 years now, and I hate many people :p

Anything else you want to know?


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