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Name: Dahlia
Age: Adult - 3 years
Sex: Female
Orientation: Asexual
Height: 29" – 73,6 cm
Weight: 72 lbs – 32,6 kg
Appearance: A petite build, light female with small, pointy ears and heterochromia eyes, one green and one brown. Most of her pelt variate from a light to a darker chocolate, she has markings of light tan and dark brown.

        - Red berry paint 
        - 4x Balsamorhiza - 2 on each side of the neck
        - Leather string headpiece with two crow feathers (Optional)
        - Poinsettia Garland (Optional)

    Pup: Daveigh Chase as Lilo
    Juvenile: Ashley Johnson as Gwen (young)
    Adult: Ashley Johnson as Gwen (adult)

    Scent: Mostly a sweet scent similar to raspberry mixed with the scent of wet grass


Parents: Tobias and Kaliyah 
Siblings: Basil | Lilac | Hazel

Character (c) Sabi-Arts 
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Hey wanna have an rp with Dahila and Ideal?
Sabi-Arts's avatar
Sure ^^
Do you have an idea for what the RP should be about?

Also I'm a bit slow on replies these days since I mostly only have time in the weekends
nightfury330's avatar
Not in particular, I tend to just rp and roll with what happens

Np I've been a bit slow lately as well. So you wanna use notes again?
Sabi-Arts's avatar
sure notes are fine ^^
nightfury330's avatar
kk you wanna start or should I?
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nightfury330's avatar
sure I'll write it up and send it rn
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I love her design so much. She's so pretty with the flower crown! :heart:
Sabi-Arts's avatar
Thank you <3 I'll probably never draw an artwork where she's wearing it but oh well :'D
GypsyCrest19's avatar
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XxCactusxX's avatar
Ahhh she's so beautiful :heart:
Sabi-Arts's avatar
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xD I was actually hoping she'd get a bat companion. It looks cute riding on her back. x3
Sabi-Arts's avatar
Well it is one of her fave animals xD
SummonWolf's avatar
The bat is adorable! Should have named him Thomas tho! xD
Sabi-Arts's avatar
Thanks xD
Wanted to name him after a plant like Dahlia and her siblings xD part of the family
SummonWolf's avatar
Ahh, actually makes sense xD
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Down to RP with my girl Rhea? I can note you about specifics if your up for it
Sabi-Arts's avatar
Sure, I'd love to hear your ideas ^^
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She's so pretty ;u; <333
Sabi-Arts's avatar
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Her new art is so pretty! :heart: 
Little Dahlia is all grown up now <3
Sabi-Arts's avatar
Thanks <3 
It went way too fast </3 <3
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