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apple mystery

playing with SimCloth Plug-in for 3dsmax again and after I got G3 Mac lately, which is a little out of date but still fun playing around with, I thought it would be a nice idea to do a mac wallpaper. First I had the idea of modelling my G3 Blue & White but because all of the new stuff Apple is releasing I thought this little peace might describe Apple best. They always have awsome new ideas and you can never say what will come next...

So for all the Mac fans out there, this quick work is for you :)
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that cloth looks pretty real... One suggestion is that it looks a little stiff on the far left corner... but otherwise great! PS the apple is sweet ;)
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Do you have a working copy of SimCloth for 3ds Max 7-8. I can't seem ti find it anywhere.
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as far as i know the latest version is only available for max 6
I've heard that the plug-in is now available under a new name but could'nt find more informations about that...
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Nice man nice! :relaxed:
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beautiful look aber die vordere ecke finde ich sieht ein wenig aufn boden geklebt aus.
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ma ehrlich, das sieht total geil aus o_o
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