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Seleena and Scorchlight- Garden Portrait by Saberrex, visual art

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I am Saberrex, known outside of DeviantArt as Jeremy Herz. I'm an expert in the fields of science and fantasy. Though I am an expert in dinosaurs, I also specialize in dragons and monsters real and imaginary. For me, drawing is a natural talent; something I inherited from my family rather than just learned. I have always been a fan of predatory animals, especially sharks, theropod dinosaurs, snakes, and dragons, and I saw JAWS when i was 3, so the love of these animals is lifelong. I am also a staunch supporter of conservation, and though I genuinely fear many venomous or otherwise dangerous creatures, I am willing to help or handle any animal except hornets and wasps and other bugs (not counting spiders). I have a deep phobia of them. I also take great pride in saying I am in the autism spectrum, something I was initially reluctant to share here, but I realize that it is part of the reason behind my talents. I admit i have my flaws, and I work hard to improve them, but overall, I am rather content with myself. Now, here I am, writing 2 or 3 books, making artwork, and enjoying myself.

Books I am currently working on:

Dinosaurs of the Present: Written and illustrated by myself and one of my two greatest creations, this book was inspired by Dougal Dixon's alternative evolutions and Osmatar's creature from The Speculative Dinosaur Project. I myself thought Dixon had not elaborated enough for a full view, so I took his work a step further in a notebook. It was then I realized; these were my ideas, so why shouldn't I make my own book instead? So, here I am, 100 dinosaurs later, finally working out final concept designs and artwork. I look forward to bringing my beasts, from the 200 foot Mongo Grongo and 50 foot Vastatotyrannus to the tiny Nanoceratops no more than a foot long to the public eye.

The Dragon Riders: My most complete work and other greatest creation, this was the brainchild of years of imagination run rampant and final realization in 10th grade. the summary gives you a hint of what's in store for the characters, and unlike many stories, I like to tell this one from the point of view from both good and evil, so you can really see the thoughts and actions of heroes and villains on both sides. As of 2019, I've since split what was one very long novel into what is now two separate books and completed them.

For those who want a an idea of what's in store for The Dragon Riders; I would like to tell you a story:

"Far away from Earth, in a star system much like our own dwells the planet Antichthon. On Antichthon, resting on the eastern border of the Belemnite Sea is the continent of Kairegorn, the land of magic and of dragons; the colorful and powerful beings who guard this fertile land.

2 million years ago, long before this story began, Kairegorn was dominated not by dragons, but a foul and arrogant race called the Lamias, who enslaved them and used dark magic, their greatest and most evil creation, to abuse the land and its inhabitants as they saw fit. However, the dragons would not stay slaves forever, and rose up against their captors, killing them and freeing the land of their yoke, vowing never to become slaves again. Eventually, around 5,000 years ago, Dragons rallied under their first kings, the twin brothers Drakkus and Unecros, the latter of who would turn evil and try to grab power out of jealousy over his brother. When Unecros was defeated, Drakkus would remain as their king until he departed for the Dark Chasm, where he would entomb himself until needed again. A thousand more years would pass before Vulcan, a multicolored dragon, formerly an outcast, would rise to become Drakkus’ successor, with his family ruling as the kings and princes of Dragonkind ever since.

The reign of the dragons was a long and enduring one, even in wars against Dracosapiens, the dragons’ immediate kin, and the Roc’s more distant avian relatives that resembled great reptilian eagles. Then, 3,000 years ago, everything changed…

Three humanoid cultures, Humans, Elves and Dwarves, all seeking refuge from natural disasters that destroyed their homes far across the sea, settled in Kairegorn, hoping to start anew. At first, the dragons took no notice of their diminutive neighbors, and were content to let them settle in the mountains, on the plains, and in the forests. But this ignorance set in motion events that would change the land forever.

One day, a human and his dwarf companion hunted and killed a dragon, as they would hunt deer or boar, enraging his family, who butchered the hunters and consumed them in vengeance. After, the dragon king decreed war on the humans and dwarves, and soon, the land was consumed with battles and bloodshed. The elves rallied to aid their dwarf and human allies, all the while discovering that they, the human and the dwarves were being effected by the strong magic of Kairegorn, becoming longer and longer lived until the elves became immortal, and all the dwarves and many humans grew to live well beyond their normal years. Again and again the humans tried to communicate with the dragons and failed, for they could not understand their guttural roars. For centuries the bloodshed increased and went on until it looked as if it would never end.

All that changed with the rise of a human lord named Thurian the Just, a mighty sorcerer and warrior who came across a dragon egg amid the bones of its parents while hunting. Seeing the advantages in a dragon, as a companion and hoping to better understand dragons in general, he took the hatchling and rose her, naming her Luminos. When Luminos was grown large enough and had learned to speak, Thurian took her to the front of the war, stopping the races before they could destroy each other in one final battle. After many months and much conjuring, the four races would finally sign a contract written in stone on a mountain overlooking the Belemnite Sea to end the war. Signing it in blood, the Four Races finally bonded, forming the Order of the Dragon Riders as an act to prevent their races from ever again making the mistakes that had started the war, now forever known as the Dragon-Humanoid War.

These riders and their partners, bonded at their hearts through magic and made immortal by the power of the contract, would become the peacekeepers of the Four races, helping to prevent chaos and dissent from overrunning Kairegorn, aiding in solving problems, mysteries and crimes no others could.

For 300 years, Kairegorn prospered, and great advances in science, magic, medicine and technology were made. Luminos and Thurian’s order grew under their careful watch and the great headquarters of the dragon riders, Castle Draco, was built around the contract, creating a beacon of hope for all who looked to the light.

However, dark forces found their way into the land of Kairegorn once more. The Orcs and Orku-ta, an evil race that, like the Lamias so many eons before, wished to exploit and enslave the Four Races and take Kairegorn for their own, landed on the shores. They attacked without mercy and won many battles, but thanks to the prowess of the dragon riders, who made exceptional aerial combat units, the enemy was driven back, and the dragon rider numbers grew into the tens of thousands by the time victory was at hand.

Into this, was born the elf boy Delthyon, who at age fourteen, would be chosen by a dragon hatchling, an orange female named Nadira. Together for 200 years, they fought and helped to win many battles, but apart, they were not so strong. During the siege of the human city of Kairodion, Delthyon and Nadira were separated, and Nadira was killed by an Orc’s anti-dragon lance, dying in her rider’s embrace. Enraged, Delthyon slew every enemy in reach until he himself fell unconscious. Guilt and anger took their toll as Deltthion recovered and though he was granted another dragon, a silver male named Sauros (Nadira’s infant brother), the damage to his heart could not be fully repaired and darkness began poisoning both Deltthion and Sauros’ souls. Eventually, the pair left, seeking a way to stave off death completely as a way of avenging Nadira’s untimely demise. Taking twenty other pairs of dragons and riders with them, Delthyon and Sauros delved deeper and deeper into dark magic, eventually siding with the orcs and raising an army of dragon riders of their own.

After a century consolidating their power, Delthyn eventually returned, attacking Castle Draco with the full might of his forces. Though taken off guard, The Order of the Dragon Riders gained the upper hand, but at a great cost. Delthyon and Sauros fought Luminos and Thurian personally, killing the human founder of the dragon riders in front of both battling armies. Enraged, Luminos used all her strength to defeat both dark lords, bringing victory after much loss. Heartbroken as Delthyon had been, Luminos and the order declared war against Delthyon and his forces, now named the Dark Corps. Dwarves, dragons, elves and humans quickly followed suit, and separately they have fought Delthyon on different fronts. For 1,000 years in what would become the Millennium War, they have continued an increasingly bloody and desperate war of vengeance over land, resources and freedom as Delthyon and his lieutenants continue to push at the defenses of the Four Races. Heroes have emerged on both sides and evil is everywhere in forms both familiar and alien. With no end in sight Luminos was given a prophecy, that of a man and a dragon who would end Delthyon and Sauros’ tyranny once and for all:

“Up in the skies when need is dire,

This way come the wings of fire.

The great protectors of the land,

Closing in, close at hand.

This way come the great fighters,

For peace and hope, The Dragon Riders.

Led by Luminos, kind and pure,

By their hand the land endures.

Stoppers of war, keepers of lore,

For this land is the home they adore.

When evil comes and corruption conspires,

Battles come roused with dragon ire.

Warriors fall, battle mounts flee,

For the sight of dragons is terrifying to see.

Their riders fight to the very end,

To save their people, to save their friends.

But then great evil came from within,

With silver dragon and great sin.

With many others he started war,

And for a millennium, grim tales it has bore.

Of monsters and darkness, pain unrelenting,

Teeth crash on scale, and claws do their rending.

All seems lost, but hope prevails,

Within a young man and dragon with green scales.

Riding fast upon the wind,

With great swords of Iilbrithin.

A beacon of light within the dark,

Come green dragon and boy of dragon heart.”

Shortly after this prophecy was made, a young boy: half elf, half human, was born to the dragon riders Hughnen and Ilira Dragonheart, renowned heroes of the war. And to him was bonded a descendent of dragon king Vulcan… a hatchling green and black dragon. All eyes that know of this fated prophecy now look to them as they age and grow to end this bloodshed once and for all."

Favourite Visual Artist
Luis V. Rey, Julius Csotonyi, Mark Hallett, Mauricio Anton, Larry Felder, Charles Knight, Fuz Caforio, RJ Palmer, Aaron Blaise, Fred Wierum, Jonathan Kuo, John Howe, Paul Tobin, Ben Wootten
Favourite Movies
Jurassic Park, Harry Potter, Transformers, Lord Of the Rings, The Hobbit, Jaws, Star Wars, The Meg, Kong: Skull Island, Godzilla, Instant Family, The Green Book, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, How to Train Your Dragon Franchise,
Favourite TV Shows
Paleoworld, Dinosaur Revolution, Transformers Prime, Shark Week, Frasier, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, M*A*S*H*, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Fairy Tail, Planet Earth, Planet Earth II, Life, Blue Planet, Blue Planet II, Killing for a Living (BBC), The Dinosaurs!
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
James Newton Howard, Steve Jablonsky, Howard Shore, Ramin Djawadi, Harry Gregson-Williams, Hans Zimmer, Two Steps from Hell, Evanescence, Disturbed, Yasuharu Takanashi, Alexandre Desplat, John Debney
Favourite Books
Inheritance Cycle, Raptor Red, Lord of the Rings, Fragment, Meg series, Jaws, Jurassic Park, The Lost World, Primitive War, A Song of Ice and Fire, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Jungle Book
Favourite Writers
Christopher Paolini, Rudyard Kipling, Michael Crichton, Peter Benchley, Robert Bakker, J.R.R. Tolkien, Anne McCaffrey, Stephen King, Ethan Pettus, J.K. Rowling, Steve Alten
Favourite Games
Star Wars The Force Unleashed, Lord of the Rings War in the North, Tomb Raider, Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC, Mac, Xbox 360
Tools of the Trade
Pencils, pens, markers, charcoal, paint, ArtRage
Other Interests
Snakes, Dragons, Transformers, Sharks, Big Cats, Wolves, Bears, Crocodiles, Lizards, Science, Magic


Seleena and Scorchlight- Garden Portrait
Thorinen vs. Sauros- Full Color

Kaine vs Delthyon- Clash of the Titans
Knuckle-walker Dragon- Color rendition
Clash of Tyrants- Vastatotyrannus vs Gorgospinos

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Today was a hard day. This morning I took my 9-year old corn snake, Kanna, to the vet and my dad and I discovered she was gravely ill. She had stopped eating and had some sort of infection, as well as a possible blockage. As it would have been to uncertain to know if she would survive the expensive treatments the vet would give, I made the hard decision to put her sleep. When we reached that decision, I stayed with her until the very end, and buried her in my dad's garden. Tomorrow, we will be planting flowers over her grave to honor her memory. I am thankful for the time I had with her, and happily considered her my friend. Kanna, thank you for everything. I promise I will never forget you. You were the reptile I kept the longest as my animal companion, and you taught me a great deal about what it means to care for a snake. Thank you.
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The Dinosaurs of the Present project is getting its major overhaul; after much careful though and consideration, I have begun compiling a list of genera and species to put in the book, which will eventually be organized like a field guide with color plates with separate entries per creature. Many of these listed creatures are brand new and named after gods, titans, demons, and other deities and monsters. Furthermore, many of the creatures from my dinosaur naming contests suggested by you, my watchers, have made the cut and will be featured in the new version of the book! How cool is that? Furthermore, I have created several new beasts and brought several obscure families of dinosaur to the forefront, such as the Megaraptora, and I've revitalized the Troodontidae and Alverezsaurids. As for the single stegosaur in the mix, I'm not quite sure if I want to turn it into a brand new type of dinosaur or send stegosauridae back into extinction in this alternate timeline or not, but the goal is
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The Dinosaurs of the Present is a long and interesting story, brought about as my own improvement on the book "The New Dinosaurs", by Dougal Dixon. It evolved into my own unique book, which you can of course see artwork for here on DeviantArt. However, many things have happened that resulted in my shelving the project for a long time. First, there was the fact that many of my dinosaurs weren't as true to life as they should have been, but many updates and my evolving art skills have allowed me to better hone their anatomy. Second, there was all the research I have been doing: If I am to make this book a genuine reality, I must understand the latest discoveries in scientific journals and news reports. Then, there was the third reason, a temporary loss of interest; while I love dinosaurs and enjoy drawing them, I felt it was necessary to expand my understanding of animal anatomy and learn to draw other creatures as well. Birds, being dinosaurs of a modern variety, were a perfect
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Hey. Mind me asking about some information on Silky sharks? Do they eat billfish?

I was wanting to write a story on fish as well and I thought maybe I’d ask you for some help.
Golden Eagle Perching- Color Version

We want to feature this in our group ArsRapax | DeviantArt . I think Ive already sent a request. If you missed the notification pls submit it from your end. Can't wait for other coloring threats from you

Hi there again, I just have a question for you: Do you do requests or only commissions? If the latter, then do you have a price list? I'd totally have you do one of my dinos! Just to let you know I have published a few bits of a lost world I'm creating which can be checked out here:

how come you are not yet member of our group ArsRapax | DeviantArt !!

You are the definition of bird of prey enthuziast

I absolutely adore your colour work and style. I already intended to invite you to some projects I have in mind with our group. It involves reusing some of your existing art and maybe creating new new or coloring. Like a infographic miniseries about birds of prey in general and some species in particular. No solid idea right now but I have to know who is interested and who is not. I do this to involve a bit more our group members and to produce something that comes from our group.

thank you very much for all the favorites, i'll be uploading on a daily basis, have a wonderful day :)

glad to have found you. Im suspecting you will like me new group ArsRapax | DeviantArt

Pls join and let me know if you think you can be involved a bit more. It has to do with your drawing series and a series of journals/scientific facts me and a couple of others intend on doing for our members (which will be with hundreds soon). More details later but its not a real commitment by any means.

Awesome work! Happy to see another paleo-fan on here!