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Wow, almost a year since I wrote a journal entry...and so many things changed.

I made an internship in a newspaper and finished in February of this year and since then I didn't find a job or another internship but, I dedicated myself to something that, may possibly, change my whole life.
I started studying music again and decided to apply for the Music School of the National Conservatoire, to study singing.I studied a lot for several months and...I successfully was accepted!I was sooo happy!: D I'm going to study for 3 years and let's see what I can accomplish!
I'm going to study hard and maybe my life will now be dedicated to music?Who knows, it' still too early to talk about the future...

I also got some good news in my professional field.I applied for an internship (remunerated YES!!) and got accepted!So, I'm going to work for a full year, no holidays but, I'll be getting paid and that's the most important thing now.I need to save money for the Photography equipment I need to buy (my love for photography is still the same!I just have many occupations and fields of interest lol).

So, as you can see, this will be a very busy year, which now comes to this: I possibly won't have time to cosplay.

I still don't know if I have free weekends and during the week it's impossible to get my hands on my sewing machine (I was so lazy these holidays that I also didn't do nothing with it...sighs~);cosplay events I won't possibly go I think, but it's all very uncertain, I'll see that when I start working.
I will do find time for some shoots, if my friends or someone asks me to shoot them but, as I said, It's all very uncertain...

So yes, sadly I highly doubt that I will cosplay something this year ; _ ;

Still, this will be an interesting year and my love for cosplay will be strong so, I hope next year I'll be able to do it!^_^
In the meanwhile, I'll watch some anime to be updated (and get my cosplay list bigger, as usual), play some games,...

In conclusion, I'll be uploading soon some photos I took of :iconhoshino-saya: a looooong time ago (she'll kill me for not uploading them until now...>_>) and possibly some landscapes and portraits!

See you soon and please keep visiting my deviant: )

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Hello everyone!~
It's been a long time since my last journal...I decided It was time to write something,just to say that I'm alive!
Starting with the cosplay thing, right now it has been really hard...I really want to do some cosplays but there's always problems:
First problem is time.I never have time for anything...right now I'm in an internship,I have my Japanese classes,I have choir rehearsals at night,I'm helping with a facebook k-pop fanpage.There's never time to sit at the desk and sew!
Second problem,the eternal money question.Wigs,fabrics,lens...all of that costs money and at this moment it's really hard for me to spend money on that.And sure I can use the wigs I have,but I'm always afraid to buy fabric and, if I make mistakes, I'll have to buy more fabric and spend more money...
Third problem, I admit I'm lazy sometimes...I just feel unmotivated to start something.Everyone around me making lots of cosplays in a blink of an eye,and here I am...

I think I'm feeling a little bit down with some things, including cosplay, so at this moment, I don't know when I'm gonna be making one...even closet cosplays, I don't really feel like using them.
To tell you the truth,I haven't watched anime since August...yeah I'm really ashamed, and I don't know the reason for not watching.What the hell is wrong with me?
Enough with the emo mood.
I'm still organizing some cosplay shoots with friends though,so some photographs might come soon!^^

Until next time!
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Hello everyone! It's time to remove the spider webs from my journal and write something, to keep you updated!
Since my Mugi cosplay, I haven't been doing anything cosplay related. I had lots of work from university, and this was my last year, so I had to work really hard until the end. I'm not that happy with my final results, especially since It was because of some stupid teachers that I had bad grades, and I got really frustrated by that. Actually not only me, but most of my class.
Anyway, I now have a degree in Photography and Visual Culture! I will now search for an internship to gain experience and more knowledge^^
As for cosplay, well...I'm on holidays and stuff, and I get reaaaaally lazy to start something. I have fabric to make a cosplay and I already have the wig, so I'll try to start It really soon, I hope!XD
Without more things to add, see you next time!^^
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Hosu~ everyone!
I think I only write journals when I have a new cosplay or photos!...Sounds legit to me.
Well, university started and It's my final semester...oh god, 4 months and I'm graduating! Kinda happy because I won't have to pay more university fees THAT ARE EXPENSIVE AS HELL! Yeah that makes me very happy...but then, what am I gonna do after that? I'm still thinking about that.

Moving on, this past weekend was the Iberanime, an anime and japanese culture related event, in Portugal. I planned to make a cosplay, I mean, at least the skirt because I had all the rest. I chose Hatsune Miku, the Secret Police version. HIMITSU KEEEIISATSUUUU!~ Ok, bought the wig, and I admit, I DON'T LOVE that wig...I can hardly pass through my house doors, and during the event I was always shoving people with my pigtails. Some people told me they loved the wig, but honestly I prefer the long twintails (why does Miku have to change her hairstyle so many times?!).
And then the skirt...I'm telling you, I know I'm clumsy, but this skirt was CURSED! I broke 3 needles of my sewing machine. 3 NEEDLES! The fabric wasn't thick so I don't understand why that happened. I'm going to show the sewing machine to a friend, so that she can see what is happening.

Anyway, I finished the skirt, but I made a lot of mistakes, so I'm doing some changes again. In the meanwhile, I'm not going to post the photos that I have with full body. I want It all to be "perfect", so I'm making some changes to the skirt, and then I'm going to make another photoshoot. Please wait for It!^^

Still, some people told me they liked the costume (and I thank you for that), and the true is I had a lot of fun during the event (except for the wig part...those pigtails hurt my head and moving in a crowd of people with them was really hard!)! I sang in the karaoke alone and with a friend of mine (thanks for the support guys!XD), talked with many people (and for me being social is like, very difficult! I guess meeting with fellow cosplayers makes you feel comfortable!) and I'm telling you, I think I stood up all day!XD Always moving from one side to another...It was an hectic day! But for me, the most important part was being with my friends! Some of them is really rare to see, because we all come from different places, and only chat online. It's only in these events that we mostly see each other, and we always have a fun time!Thank you everyone!

(Stoping with the lame moment)

The LxFactory is a really good place for photoshoots, so I took some of my friends Nyan and :icondrcodfish19:, that you can see on my page! Hope you like them!

Also, many thanks for the recent favorites, follows, etc! I really appreciate It!

C ya soon!

P.S. - I created a Twitter account, nothing special, just for random thoughts, but If you like, make follow. Also stay with my tumblr:!/RandomSaber&nbs…;
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I'm sorry but this journal will be nothing special. Just to test my new journal skin!
It's really pretty, so many thanks to :iconhadeki:!^^

So, quick news:

-tomorrow, last day of classes of this semester!>.<
-Holidays until end of February!
-Planning a cosplay!

I'm hell tired and tomorrow I have some work presentation...ugh

See you soon!^^

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