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There is No Spoon!
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Food Tree
Ch. 3: Power Equals Corruption
                The cart had pulled up in front of a large, stately town house. Though it was clearly the grandest building in the city, by far, a dark chill seemed to be seeping from underneath the burnished bronze doors of the mansion. Gillian shivered as the iron gates in front of the house swung forward to allow them entrance. The cart trundled inside, the guards keeping vigil on either side of the gate shot dirty looks at all of them. Gillian sighed. He could see it for himself quite clearly, despite the fact that no one else was able to. The dark aura was emanating from these two gentlemen. On each of the twelve alternate planes of real
Daemons in High Places
Chapter 2: Daemons in High Places    The office was small, windowless, and smelled of a mixture of mold, cigar smoke, and rotting cabbages. The tiny room contained only a solitary desk and chair, as well as what seemed to be several dozen filing cabinets that were filled to bursting with various sundry documents.These reached ceiling., where a single oil lamp hung. The captain, having regained some of his composure after the incident at the barricades, was seated in the single chair. Gillian Martin stood in front of the desk, a slight smirk on his face, his hand resting on the silver rapier hanging at his side. Then his smiled widened and h
The Old Man and the Horse
Chapter 1: The Man and the Old Horse    The man was a strange sight to see in the middle of the day. He sat on the his black horse with his head down, shadowed within the deep cowl of the the gray cloak that he wore. The horse itself could not have been too healthy. It was old and tired looking, as though it had been blundering along at its drunken pace for far too long. Indeed, it seemed to some of the simple country folk that were passing that the horse could keel over at any minute. At the same time, it seemed to these very same people that the man was up to no good. That he was one of those strange magic-wielders from the capital, there
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Life, and the Continuation Thereof....
.... My g-d, its been a while, hasn't it? Well, not much is happening: I got a car, I'm now 17, I still fence...what else is there? Dunno. Don't care. Life goes on. Oh, and the word HUZZAH is, well, magical.
Birthday #16
I'M 16! i can't believe it! I love the fact that its my birthday, YAY!, and there are several reasons why that is:   1. It's my birthday! (duh)   2. It's a late-start day at school so the day only begins at 9:15 am.   3. My parents gave me two of the things that i wanted: a pocket-watch and an itunes gift card.   I'm doing stage crew right now at the local JCC in La Jolla for the show "The King and I". If you don't know what that is, go look it up. I get to spend my birthday in a theater. yay! I'm running the lightboard, which is basically the control panel for all of the lighting in the theater, apart from the spotlights. I have th
The Sadness that is Thanksgiving Dinner
alright, so its been a few weeks since my last one of these. I only really ever post one if something major has happened to me and I need to talk about it. Here's whats been going on in my life for the past 3 weeks: -School sucks as usual, apart from the fact that we're now on Thanksgiving Break. Yay! -I completely screwed up my math final, and consequently got a C in the class. Not yay. -Fencing is...ok. I got a silver medal a tournament that I went to last weekend. I'm also going to be refereeing at a tournament in about a week, which means I get paid! yay! -I've been eating lots of grilled onions lately. Yay! Hooray for the grilled on


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