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Okay guys so that post from almost a year ago where I said get your hopes up? Sorry. The year's been crazy. I haven't been artistically idle, just pouring my energy into something which is a bit easier to work on piecemeal. I'm sure I at least mentioned it before, but what I'm talking about is the illustrated calligraphy journal I keep for the Dungeons and Dragons game I play in. It's a project that right now a represented in the physical world by three hardback books that were blank when I got them and now are filling rapidly. I'm still figuring out in what way to put these online. I don't think I would want to use this DA account because I don't want those pages to get mingled with the pages of the comic (and I super don't want to add almost a thousand pages of nuzlocke comic to a gallery, at least not right now) but if you guys want to get updates on how all that is going--as well as any updates on when Battlefield Kanto is coming back, which it will--follow my Twitter SABERinBLUE where I post about fairly random, but hopefully soon more organized, things.

Thank you guys very much for your patience. I promise you I'll finish this story at some point.
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Just had to say that I love your work and your characters. Been reading for years and come back to do rereads and feel bad I haven't commented before, so rectifying that! Thanks for such great work!