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Okay guys so that post from almost a year ago where I said get your hopes up? Sorry. The year's been crazy. I haven't been artistically idle, just pouring my energy into something which is a bit easier to work on piecemeal. I'm sure I at least mentioned it before, but what I'm talking about is the illustrated calligraphy journal I keep for the Dungeons and Dragons game I play in. It's a project that right now a represented in the physical world by three hardback books that were blank when I got them and now are filling rapidly. I'm still figuring out in what way to put these online. I don't think I would want to use this DA account because I don't want those pages to get mingled with the pages of the comic (and I super don't want to add almost a thousand pages of nuzlocke comic to a gallery, at least not right now) but if you guys want to get updates on how all that is going--as well as any updates on when Battlefield Kanto is coming back, which it will--follow my Twitter SABERinBLUE where I post about fairly random, but hopefully soon more organized, things.

Thank you guys very much for your patience. I promise you I'll finish this story at some point.
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Just had to say that I love your work and your characters. Been reading for years and come back to do rereads and feel bad I haven't commented before, so rectifying that! Thanks for such great work!
Good to hear from you!

About the hiatus... it's high quality storytelling and art, and it's been given to us free of charge. You can do what you damn want and no one can or should complain.

Thank you!!
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I'm glad to hear from you <3 
Not gonna lie, I was a bit worried about you.
I've waited this long so I can wait longer if need be. :)
I love your work and I totally understand needing to do your own thing.
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Good to hear from you!
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Thanks for the update. Calligraphy looks awesome, dude!
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Oh, you're still alive.

Also this is basically you in a nutshell.
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Heeeeeey, good to hear from you man! I've been wondering how you're doing.

I will try to follow you on Twitter. I don't use Twitter much. Apparently I'm a wordy kind of person, and I really don't like that character limit. 
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What's the best way to chat with you these days?

I mean, I don't have anything for you to color, I'd just love to catch up.
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Discord is definitely the easiest. I'm at a convention this weekend, but should be back to regular logging on after this. I'm Ryua2312.
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I would love to see the dnd stuff!
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Will you post another update here when you actually upload the journal somewhere? It sounds interesting, but I don't ever use twitter.
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I'll definitely post here, yeah. This is the general idea of what I'm talking about:…
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Oh, wow, that looks impressive. I didn't expect you to (also?) do this for out-of-character stuff.

(I wish someone did that for my games.)
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Well basically, it started as just a spellbook, like to act as a quick reference for spells, class mechanics, and lore stuff, like a list of gods and stuff. It also has a modified character sheet on the inside cover with additional information like my familiar's stats on the back inside cover. So crunch.

But then I did what I always do and wrote a backstory in excess of 10,000 words or whatever and decided hey I'll write this down too. So that book and...and its sequel...are actual props that my character owns and writes in in the actual game world. The only part of the journals that aren't actually canon are where I got Chris Perkins and the Acquisitions Incorporated guys to sign one of them at PAX.
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Wait, the character sheet is canon?

Let's hope your character never loses the journal.
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Nah nah, the spellbook is only loosely canon. Like, she has a spellbook in the game of course, but it would list, you know, the actual spells themselves, not the crunch.
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That's fine. You work on whatever you want. No rush to get this story finished for me. I appreciate the improvement of the story after Candice gets to Kanto; a significant improvement on your part, both for the art style, which became far more creative and original, and especially for the story and characters. I'm going to be honest here and state that, at first, I HATED Candice. She was an absolute bitch and she always reacted recklessly to every situation (throwing Riptide at Silver's face, blowing up the Lighthouse), but I will admit that she has developed and, while I still don't LOVE her, I can tolerate her more...aggressive moments. Her relationship with Whitney and her turmoil over her possession by Lugia (AMAZING DESIGN BTW) interest me in the character far more than the run-of-the-mill "go here and get the badge" plot that bogged down the earlier parts of the comic. Falkner is my favourite character, BTW. Giovanni is my second favourite, and I like how you integrated him into the plot, despite him not being in the game for real. I enjoy the worldbuilding and the absolutely exceptional designs for the Pokémon; not completely realistic, or cartoony, but strange and...out there, but still recognizable. I'm intrigued on the direction the story is going to go in. What role does Red play in all of this? Why are the Eeveelutions not affected by the Change? Will Riptide grow to be the size of the entire region, square-cube law be damned? Looking forward to getting the answers, Saber.
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I really appreciate the breadth of this comment while also underscoring that there's no rush. Seeing that excitement still continues for the story is fantastic, and makes me want to jump right back in, but of course I don't have time yet. One thing that stands in the way in fact is the shift in storytelling style: updates in Kanto are way, way longer. I try to edit stuff down but even then it takes a really long time to get everything down. I will continue it. Don't worry.

As for Candace, I always like to hear about shifts in how much people can get behind her. I like to think that I write Candace very unapologetically. She's a traumatized, disturbed, at least partially insane person who is, at the story's outset, just 15 years old. She doesn't know what the right thing to do is most of the time, and even then she sometimes has to fight the urge to make the wrong choice. I wouldn't say that she's DELIBERATELY unlikable near the beginning, but when people say they don't like early Candace I don't feel as though I've written her badly. Honestly, I probably wouldn't like early Candace if I met her myself. I'm pretty sure she wouldn't like me at all.
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I didn't mean to say that she was written badly early one. Just that I didn't like her, which was most likely the intention. It's just kind of hard to enjoy a story when the protagonist is unlikeable, or if she's just not as unlikeable as everyone else in the story. I end up not caring for anything that happens in the story. Thankfully, that didn't happen here. Candice does have her moments that show she's not entirely a bitch, just abrasive and reckless. She does what she thinks if right, and doesn't care for her own safety if what good she can make out of the situation sticks (the Bugsy arc was the time that I started liking Candice somewhat). It's a very hard balance to strike between asshole, but still likeable and making the audience want to root for her. I definitely think that Candice grew into that sort of character, what with all of the other characters (Prof. Elm, Clair and especially Whitney) helping her develop and ease up. That's why I really like the Kanto arc in comparison to the Johto arc, because Candice shows a more mature side to her that wasn't evident until now. Also, my favourite characters are Clair (how did you make such a bitch in-game be such an awesome, admirable character in your story?), Falkner (chill, friendly and a good comic relief without being stupid or annoying) and Giovanni (charming AF with the intelligence to back it up). Hope your D&D book is getting along well.
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Oh no yeah, I wasn't saying you were saying that. Thanks for all your kind words, and I hope I don't keep you waiting too long!
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